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The Software Engineer in the Data Science department is responsible for developing data pipelines and collaborating with data scientists to create advanced analytics applications for ABC Supply.  These pipelines and applications will fuel their Data Science practice at ABC Supply.  This will include building web applications to support custom analytical applications, automating data collection, and working to advance our back
The Operational Evaluation Division (OED) has an immediate career opening for a Research Analyst to support operational test assessments of the effectiveness, suitability, and security of Major Satellite Communication Programs in the Department of Defense. IDA takes great pride in the rigor, quality, and timeliness of its analyses, which are produced in an atmosphere that encourages independent thinking and objective results. Work at IDA
The Integrity Lab creates intelligent technology to promote corporate integrity and culture. They work in collaboration with large organizations, including more than a dozen Fortune 100 companies and numerous government agencies, to develop analytic software that fosters integrity through rigorous, data-driven insights. Their unique platform allows them to be on the forefront of developing solutions to address issues that have

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