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At GSK they see a world in which advanced applications of Machine Learning and AI will allow them to develop novel therapies to existing diseases and to quickly respond to emerging or changing diseases with personalized drugs, driving better outcomes at reduced cost with fewer side effects. It is an ambitious vision that will require the development of products and solutions at the cutting edge of Machine Learning and AI.

Strong candidates will have a track record of shipping high performing AI/ML powered products in production environments, and a passion for solving challenging problems in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Educational or professional background in the biological sciences is a plus but is not necessary; passion to help therapies for new and existing diseases, and a pattern of continuous learning and development is mandatory.

The AI/ML team is built on the principles of ownership, accountability, continuous development, and collaboration. They hire for the long term, and they’re motivated to make this a great place to work. Their leaders will be committed to your career and development from day one.

Why you?

Basic Qualifications

They are looking for professionals with these required skills to achieve their goals:

  • Graduate studies in Computer Science or Applied Mathematics, undergraduate studies in Computer Science and relevant graduate studies in the life sciences with a focus on AI/ML techniques, or undergraduate studies in Computer Science and equivalent work history. Candidates with graduate studies in CS and biological sciences or equivalent work history will be highly competitive.
  • Experienced in software engineering in python and/or C++
  • Understanding and application of best practices in Machine Learning, with breadth across the ML stack
  • Have shipped products powered by machine learning

Preferred Qualifications

If you have the following characteristics, it would be a plus:

  • PhD in Computer Science
  • Understanding and application of best practices in machine learning, software engineering, and/or production deployment of ML services
  • Track record of contributing to open source projects
  • Understanding of modern ML Architectures, Platforms, and backend systems
  • Mentality of commit early and often, metrics before models, and shipping high quality production code
  • Why GSK?

Their values and expectations are at the heart of everything they do and form an important part of their culture.

As GSK Focuses On Their Values And Expectations And a Culture Of Innovation, Performance, And Trust, The Successful Candidate Will Demonstrate The Following Capabilities

These include Patient focus, Transparency, Respect, Integrity along with Courage, Accountability, Development, and Teamwork.

  • Agile and distributed decision-making – using evidence and applying judgement to balance pace, rigor and risk
  • Managing individual and team performance.
  • Committed to delivering high quality results, overcoming challenges, focusing on what matters, execution.
  • Implementing change initiatives and leading change.
  • Sustaining energy and well-being, building resilience in teams.
  • Continuously looking for opportunities to learn, build skills and share learning both internally and externally.
  • Developing people and building a talent pipeline.
  • Translating strategy into action – a compelling narrative, motivating others, setting objectives and delegation.
  • Building strong relationships and collaboration, managing trusted stakeholder relationships internally and externally.
  • Budgeting and forecasting, commercial and financial acumen.

As a company driven by their values of Patient focus, Transparency, Respect and Integrity, they know inclusion and diversity are essential for them to be able to succeed. They want all their colleagues to thrive at GSK bringing their unique experiences, ensuring they feel good and to keep growing their careers. As a candidate for a role, they want you to feel the same way.

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