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The cloud-backed terminal for individuals and teams

Warp is modernizing the command line experience to make it more intuitive and collaborative for modern developers and teams, turning the terminal into a real platform to enable engineering workflows. Our mission is to elevate developer productivity, and the team is excited to have this opportunity to radically improve a tool that every developer uses and fundamentally change how software development and devops are done.We’re hiring an Analytics Engineer to power data-driven decision-making at Warp. You will drive analyses and reporting across product, marketing, and the business. You will also perform some amount of data modeling and data engineering.As our first Data hire, you will be critical in setting the foundation for a data-driven culture in Warp. Your analyses will support our product move toward collaboration and self-serve monetization. You will work closely with leadership on high-level KPI reporting and extrapolated metrics.You’ll work off a modern data stack with Segment for ingestion, BigQuery for data warehouse, dbt for transformation, and Metabase for visualization. It is already supporting key business metrics and a couple of experiments.You will be part of the Growth team and report to the Growth Lead. The Growth team is responsible for driving user, team, and revenue growth, and it spans product, marketing, and data. You will work closely with a Product Manager, a Developer Advocate, a Product Marketer, a Growth Manager, and Engineers day-to-day.Please note that we also have this role posted under Data Analyst, as there is no universal alignment on titles in the data world.

As an Analytics Engineer, you will…

  • Drive reporting on business metrics, product usage, and marketing campaigns through dashboard development
  • Identify opportunities to leverage data to inform product and business strategy
  • Manage operations forecasting for the company, using metrics to extrapolate forecasts
  • Perform data analyses to address strategic needs across product, marketing, and the business
  • Establish and maintain shared metric definitions and a consistent data taxonomy across the organization
  • Facilitate experiments for marketing and product
  • Data modeling (on our dbt instance) to ensure that the datasets are clean.

You may be a good fit if…

  • 3+ years of experience of being a data analyst or a similar role
  • Deep knowledge of SQL to produce dashboards
  • Experience working with data platforms like Segment and Snowplow, data lakes like Google Cloud Storage and warehouses like Bigquery, and BI tools like Metabase or Mode
  • You own business problems and are comfortable turning ambiguous inquiries into concrete solutions.
  • You take the initiative to dive deep into data to surface insights that could be important for the product or company
  • You have the passion to empower teammates to use data tools independently, through self-serve dashboards and educational support.
  • You are familiar with git or version control.
  • Experience with Python or R
  • Experience with using metrics to extrapolate forecasts
  • Experience setting up pipelines in or out of the data warehouse
  • Working knowledge of good data taxonomy practices
  • Bonus:
    • Has worked on dbt, Segment, and/or Metabase
    • Experience with data warehouse cost optimization
    • Experience with data modeling and creating staging/intermediate/core tables in dbt
    • Has worked on a product-led growth company or developer tools company before

At Warp, we are dedicated to building a diverse, inclusive, and authentic workplace. So if you’re excited about this role, but your past experience doesn’t align perfectly with every qualification in this job description – we encourage you to apply anyways! We are a community of curious learners, and most of us are learning some skills for the first time (like our engineers learning to program Warp in Rust). You might be just the right candidate for this or other roles.

Salary Transparency

Total compensation at Warp consists of two parts: 1) a competitive base salary, and most importantly, 2) meaningful equity.When we find the right person, we try to put our best foot forward with an offer that excites you. We consider what you’d like to be paid, the skills and level of experience you bring, what similar jobs pay, and make sure there’s equal pay for equal work among those you’ll be working with. The budgeted compensation amount for this role is targeted at $135,000 – $195,000.In addition to salary, all employees receive further compensation in the form of equity in the company. This is a meaningful stock option grant with a four-year vesting period and one-year cliff. Your equity is where most of the significant upside potential is. Comparing startup equity is always a bit tricky, so we’re happy to walk you through different valuation scenarios at the offer stage in order to help paint a clearer picture of the upside.Final total compensation is determined by multiple factors including your experience and expertise and may vary from the amounts listed above.

What We Offer

  • Competitive Salary & Meaningful Equity – we will stretch to get the right talent on board
  • Full Medical, Dental and Vision Benefits
  • Flexible remote-first culture, with optional WeWork in SF and an office space in NYC for folks who want to work together IRL
  • 20-days of Paid Time Off
  • 12 US Holidays
  • Twice-a-year company retreats
  • Monthly gym stipend
  • 401(k)
  • Pre-Tax FSA Health Savings Plan
  • Complimentary OneMedical membership

Individuals seeking employment at Warp are considered without regards to race, color, religion, national origin, age, sex, marital status, ancestry, physical or mental disability, veteran status, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

About Warp

We are a company run by product-first builders, building a core product for all developers. We are committed to understanding our users deeply. We believe we will ultimately build the best product and business if that team includes developers and designers from a wide range of backgrounds. The early team comes from Google, Dropbox, Gem, LinkedIn, and Facebook. We are looking for passionate individuals to join us and help bring Warp to the world.We value honesty, humility, and pragmatism, and our core product principle is focusing on the user. If you’re interested in learning more about our company values and what our engineering team culture is like, please take a look at our internal How We Work guide.We’re very fortunate to be backed by a great group of venture capital firms. In October 2021, we closed a $17M Series A ($23M total raised), led by Dylan Field (Co-Founder and CEO, Figma). Other investors include Google Ventures, Neo, and Box Group, as well as a network of passionate angels, including Elad Gil (early investor in Airbnb, Pinterest, Stripe, and Square), Jeff Weiner (Executive Chairman and Ex-CEO, LinkedIn), and Marc Benioff (Founder and CEO, Salesforce).

The Product

Here’s a quick demo showing some of our current features…This is just the start, as our plan is to build out a set of experiences in the terminal that don’t exist today like collaboration, environment sharing, rich data types and more.

The Opportunity

The terminal is one of very few tools used by every developer every day, which makes it an ideal gateway to improving all sorts of developer activities. We believe there is an opportunity to build a unicorn-sized business improving the command-line. Our strategy is bottom-up developer adoption, followed by driving revenue through enterprise sales and distribution partnerships.To start, our goal is to become the everyday terminal of choice with individual users – immediately usable as a backwards-compatible terminal replacement with the developer’s shell of choice. We have built a closed-source server, which will implement all of the cloud-enabled features. These features will invite users to share their work with others, driving growth and encouraging collaboration. We’ll also focus on building a community and an ecosystem of terminal plugins and apps, creating network effects.At higher levels of team penetration, we will offer an enterprise plan with features around privacy, security and environment management (e.g. secure distribution and management of API keys). These larger enterprise plans will be the ultimate driver of revenue, along with potential distribution deals for companies that see CLI integrations as a way to reach new customers.A couple college students, totally unprompted, wrote a piece on why new students should work at Warp as part of their new newsletter they are launching called “Why You Should Join.” It’s an incredibly well researched and thoughtful article about the market and competitive landscape, and accurately reflects our thesis. Read it here.

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