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They are looking for scientists with tech industry experience to help build their core data products, machine learning, and statistical modeling processes. They want someone who loves modeling and writing code, someone who likes to dive in, solve problems, and create premier experiences for Nike consumers.

Key Responsibilities

  • Use contemporary data science and analytics methods and tools to derive actionable business insights
  • Master big data fundamentals: gather, clean, and validate large amounts of data on Nike’s cloud platform
  • Create foundational pipelines and repeatable production queries in their data warehouse to analyze large sets of internal data on billions of consumer interactions
  • Develop processes and continuous improvement of core projects through automation and process enhancement
  • Create reports and visualizations of core app features and marketing campaigns to help communicate technical results and concepts to a non-technical audience
  • Provide ongoing insights and analysis on consumer engagement, experience, and usage of the SNKRS platform
  • Contribute to larger consumer statistical modeling and machine learning projects
  • Manage multiple concurrent projects in a fast-paced environment

Required Skills

  • BA/BS degree required; a focus in statistics, econometrics, applied math, or a quantitative behavioral sciences field strongly preferred
  • 2+ years’ experience doing quantitative analysis on digital products or digital marketing experiences is a plus
  • Ability to work in multiple data environments and perform complex joins, data cleaning, and feature creation using SQL or SQL based languages (Hive) is required
  • Experience with statistical software, e.g., R or Python
  • Experience working with real-world, structured and unstructured data
  • Experience with data visualization, e.g., Tableau
  • Experience analyzing and manipulating data sets to understand patterns and provide insights
  • Excellent communications skills, in particular, the ability to communicate technical content to a general audience
  • Core mathematical ability to understand and apply state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms and/or statistical modeling

Preferred Skills

  • Experience collecting/creating data when the perfect data don’t exist
  • Consumer experience with Nike digital apps (NTC, NRC, SNKRS, Nike App)
  • Knowledge of Nike’s physical merchandise and company history
  • Passion for Nike sneakers and sneaker culture

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