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As data engineers in Revenue Science, their mission is to build real-time and offline solutions to make data accessible and reliable while leveraging the largest-scale data processing technologies in the world — and then apply them to the Revenue’s most critical and fundamental data problems.

Learn more about some of the challenges they tackle on this team:

  • Building a Petabyte-scale Data Warehouse (Google Cloud Next ’18) https //
  • How Twitter Migrated its On-Prem Analytics to Google Cloud (Google Cloud Next ’18) https //

Job Description:

You are passionate about data and driven to take the data organization challenges at the scope of the entire Twitter’s Revenue.

As a member of the Data Engineering team, you will build and own mission-critical data pipelines that are ‘source of truth’ for Twitter’s fundamental revenue data, as well as modern data warehouse solutions, while collaborating closely with the Ads Data Science team.

You will be a part of an early-stage team and have a significant stake in defining its future with a considerable potential to impact all of Twitter’s revenue and hundreds of millions of users.

You will be among the earliest adopters of bleeding-edge data technologies, working directly with Revenue Science and Revenue Platforms teams to integrate your services at scale.

Your efforts will reveal invaluable business and user insights, leveraging vast amounts of Twitter revenue data to fuel numerous Revenue teams including Ads Analytics, Ads Experience, Ads Data Science, Marketplace, Targeting, Prediction, and many others.

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