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Our Ai+ Hiring Partner is hiring a computer science/ artificial intelligence researcher to lead their data processing pipeline. Your core role includes optimizing the machine learning and deep learning frameworks for further mobile and cloud implementation, writing model retraining scripts, as well as analyzing the exercise performance data and automating assessment processes. You will be working closely with R&D team of a similar background, as well as with exercise scientists and software engineers.

Who they are: Our Ai+ Hiring Partner is a stealth spinout from Harvard University. They incorporate wearable technologies and artificial intelligence to seamlessly monitor all types of strength training exercises (with weights, functional equipment, and free weight exercises) with the goal to provide feedback and motivation.

What you’ll do in this role:
• Work with CS researchers and software engineers to transition machine and deep learning concepts from the development stage to deployment on mobile and cloud platforms.
• Developing model retraining pipelines.
• Work with the group of exercise scientists and coach advisors to process raw data, analyze and visualize performance metrics.
• Prepare and present in-depth concepts to internal teams and external non-technical advisors.
• Occasionally oversee data collection in the field. You’ll love this role if you:
• Want to be at the start of the next big company, helping to develop core technology
• Love collaborative spirit and working on the bridge between innovation and practical applications
• Have exceptional communication skills to work with non-technical stakeholders.
• Are open to learn and explore exercise science concepts • Enjoy strength training and active lifestyle What you bring to this role: • PhD (or equivalent experience) in Computer Science/Engineering, a related field, with 2+ years professional experience; or MS and 5+ years of relevant work experience.
• Strong programming skills in C, C++, Python, CUDA in unix/linux environment, Matlab. • Experience using deep learning frameworks: Pytorch and Tensorflow on the mobile device.
• Big plus is experience of utilizing deep learning frameworks on a cloud server as a commercialized service platform.
• Hands on experience in machine learning and deep learning topics, focused on time series data analysis, sensor fusion, state estimation, etc.
• Experience in working with hardware systems including sensors such as IMU and other mechanical and bio-signal sensor.

Our Ai+ Hiring Partner offers:
• Competitive salary, founding team equity and health insurance.
• The opportunity to be creative, make an impact, and build the company.

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