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They’re looking to add a Data Analyst to work alongside their Data Science and Market Research teams to help them deliver insights for their clients about how they can improve their products or new products that they should consider launching.

They are looking for someone who is passionate about turning the raw material of unstructured data into a digestible form to deliver to multiple stakeholders – Data Science, Research and Strategy, and, of course, our top-notch roster of clients.

This is a hands-on role that needs strong rational and analytical skills to support data-driven decisions, and the right person will be very comfortable with SQL and Excel, capable with data querying and manipulation and visualization, and (given it is working with Data Scientists) will have at least basic Python skills (e.g. notebooks) for data exploration and manipulation.


  • Data management and ownership: You’ll be processing varied data sources including recoding /transforming data, merging and cleaning, weighting, etc. to enable us to deliver exceptional data clarity to our clients. You will need to ‘own’ the data and know it inside-and-out.
  • Cross-functional collaboration: As the primary ‘owner’ of the valuable data we collect, you’ll need to collaborate with multiple teams within Streetbees – Data Science, Research and Strategy, and Community
  • Data visualization and reporting: You’ll be working to structure datasets to facilitate loading into proprietary reporting and visualization tools, as well as designing the dashboards they deliver to their clients
  • Process improvements: Proactively identifying opportunities to improve efficiencies in these tasks and supporting the implementation of these improvements


Experience and Competencies:

  • You should be comfortable with data querying (relational databases and data lakes using SQL), data interchange (CSV, JSON, etc), data analysis (such as Excel and BI tools, maybe even Access), data management and processing using at least simple Python scripts and notebooks (Pandas, etc)
  • Strong data, reasoning and analytical skills are essential
  • You will likely have at least 2 years of experience of data management and processing, as well as analysis, in data-driven organizations
  • You will be organized and a keen eye for data quality
  • You will have good communication skills, be comfortable balancing a number of projects at once and be able to coordinate with multiple stakeholders in several teams
  • The more experience you have with data visualization the better (but it’s not a requirement of the role).
  • Start-up attitude – You’ll be comfortable in a rapidly changing environment, working with limited resources, and delivering high-quality work at the speed which is necessary for successful business growth. You’ll be a self-starter who doesn’t need much guidance, who can think fast on their feet and are ready to pivot when required

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