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They’re looking to add a Data Analyst to our Machine Learning team, working alongside their Data Scientists and Market Research strategists – to help them deliver insights for their clients about how they can improve their products or new products that they should consider launching, using their machine learning technologies and tools.

They are looking for someone who is passionate about turning the raw material of data into advanced insights that will guide the future of brands that many millions of people use in their daily lives, and working with tools developed using the latest in machine learning to gain insights not possible before (when using traditional analytics). If you are excited by the idea of applying the latest in machine learning to disrupt an industry, defining what will become the new normal but doesn’t exist today, then this could be for you.

This is a hands-on role that needs strong rational and analytical skills to support data-driven decisions, and the right person will be very comfortable with SQL and Excel, capable with data querying and manipulation and visualisation, and given it is working with Data Scientists will have at some Python knowledge and skills (e.g. notebooks) for data exploration and manipulation. Any experience with statistical analysis of data (e.g. SPSS) and machine learning techniques is a definite plus (but not a requirement of the role).

It could suit someone with data analytics experience who wants to help pioneer new ways to do analytics using machine learning tools, or even someone who wants to explore whether they could bridge from a career in data analytics or data management into data science and machine learning themselves.


  • Collaborating with internal data management, market research and data science colleagues on the analysis of data from projects carried out on behalf of Streetbees’ clients
  • Utilising traditional data exploration and analytical tools, along with machine learning analysis and tools to find the clusters, patterns, trends etc in the data that may be of interest in the submissions provided by the users of the Streetbees app
  • Performing machine learning techniques such as clustering, cluster drivers analysis, brand analysis, and natural language analysis on Streebees’ data. And performing traditional techniques such as segmentation, targeting, results in analysis and reporting.
  • Running a portfolio of analytical projects with clients, managing the resources required for the project schedule. Identification, development and delivery of the most appropriate data analysis techniques for each project’s requirements, in collaboration with other teams
  • Acting as a key superuser of the machine learning tools and scripts and notebooks delivered by the data science team, assisting the data science team in developing them
  • Specifying the data management and manipulation needed by the internal data management team, assisting them with it where there are peaks in concurrent demand
  • Collaborating with the market research teams to define the narrative of the clusters, the insights and the other data findings
  • Attending client calls or meetings where needed, supporting the research and account teams in discussing the data insights gathered


  • Have strong data, reasoning and analytical skills are essential
  • You will likely have experience in data management and processing, as well as analysis, in data-driven organisations
  • You will be organised and have good communication skills, comfortable balancing a number of projects at once and coordinating with multiple stakeholders in several teams
  • You will be comfortable with data querying (relational databases and data-lakes using SQL), data interchange (CSV, JSON etc), data analysis (such as Excel and BI tools, maybe even Access), data management and processing using ETL platforms and/or scripting languages. Ideally, the data scripting and manipulation scripting language you can use would be Python, with libraries like Pandas, and the use of Jupyter notebooks.
  • Experience with data visualisation is beneficial but it’s not a requirement of the role. The more experience you have with statistical modelling techniques such as regressions, CHAID, and Bayesian techniques the better (but none are strict requirements of the role)
  • The more knowledge you have of and interest in learning about machine learning and deep learning the better (but it’s not a requirement of the role)
  • Start-up attitude – You’ll be comfortable in a rapidly changing environment, working with limited resources, and delivering high-quality work at the speed which is necessary for successful business growth. You’ll be a self-starter who doesn’t need much guidance, who can think fast on their feet and are ready to pivot when required


At Streetbees, your company benefits will include:

  1. A 24-day paid holiday allowance with the option to roll over up to 3 days per year
  2. Option to choose between a Macbook or a PC (we will send this out via courier a few days before you join!)
  3. Flexible working hours – they trust people to manage their time and to focus on wider results; They now operate on a rota basis so people have access to the office when they desire some social interaction with their team or, simply, a break from home. They have taken every precaution to keep COVID-19 secure. The health and safety of their team are of the utmost importance.
  4. A pension scheme – their new pension scheme means that Streetbees will start paying a percentage of your salary towards your pension.
  5. The Streetbees Lifestyle Committee – any employee will have the opportunity to plan and manage a variety of Streetbees funded socials and activities for the team. Socials and day outs can involve anything from rock climbing or bowling to company meals or pub crawls.
  6. Friday Lunch – They all come together for lunch every Friday with a different cuisine each week, paid for by the company. Vegetarian and vegan options always provided.
  7. Office Food – Breakfast is on them every morning and if you need a coffee or a snack at any point throughout the day, please be their guest.
  8. Friday Catch-ups – Beers, wine, soft drinks and snacks provided as they celebrate the week’s successes and welcome newcomers.
  9. Paid volunteering days – one day per quarter with a registered charity of your choice.
  10. Audible subscriptions – the company is more than happy to pay for audio-books subscriptions of your choice on Amazon as they encourage wider and continued learning among their team.
  11. Cycle to Work Scheme
  12. Yoga – They have Yoga every Tuesday at 6:30 pm, both in the office and live on Zoom so you can join in anywhere you like.
  13. Free drinks in the office!

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