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The Personalization team makes deciding what to play next easier and more enjoyable for every listener. From Blend to Discover Weekly, they’re behind some of Spotify’s most-loved features. They built them by understanding the world of music and podcasts better than anyone else.

Spotify is looking for a Data Engineer to join the team! You will build data driven solutions to bring music and media experiences to hundreds of millions of users and creators by matching fans with creators in a personal and relevant way. You will seek sophisticated data problems using some of the most diverse datasets — user behaviors, acoustical analysis, revenue streams, cultural and contextual data, and other signals across a range of mobile and connected platforms. Above all, your work will change the way the world experiences art!

What You’ll Do

  • Build large-scale batch and real-time data pipelines with data processing frameworks like Scio, Flume, and the Google Cloud Platform.
  • Deliver scalable, testable, maintainable, and high-quality code.
  • Demonstrate standard methodologies in continuous integration and delivery.
  • Help drive optimization, testing and tooling to improve data quality.
  • Work in multi-functional agile teams to continuously experiment, iterate and deliver on new product objectives.
  • Be a technical leader within the team you work with and within Spotify in general.
  • Facilitate and drive collaboration with engineers, product managers and partners to seek exciting and results-oriented user-centric data problems.
  • Share knowledge, promote standard methodologies, making your team the best version of itself through mentorship and constructive accountability.

Who You Are

  • You know how to work with high volume heterogeneous data, preferably with distributed systems such as Hadoop, BigTable, and Cassandra. Ideally you have also built innovative solutions that address current limitations of these technologies.
  • You have used one or more high-level JVM-based processing frameworks such as Beam, Dataflow, Crunch, Scalding, Storm, Spark, or something that wasn’t listed- but not just Pig/Hive/BigQuery/other SQL-like abstractions.
  • You have proven understanding about data modeling, data access, and data storage, caching, replication, and optimization techniques.
  • You have worked in a cloud-native (GCP preferred) development and production environment where all CI/CD take placeYou care about agile software processes, data development, reliability, and responsible experimentation.
  • You understand the value of collaboration within teams.
  • You are comfortable with asynchronous communication, being able to work independently while always sharing context with your team members.
  • You care about shipping product, agile software processes, reliability, and focused but fast experimentationYou love your customers even more than your code.

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