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Data Science Analyst, Measurement

We’re looking for a Data Science Analyst to help build and scale Pinterest’s approach to experimentation so we can accelerate innovation on our product. You’ll apply quantitative analysis, statistical techniques and data mining skills to understand the limitations of running hundreds of simultaneous experiments, help us draw reliable insights with a fraction of the data, enable us to simplify the interpretation of experiments, and scale the number of experiments we run at Pinterest.

What You’ll Do

    • Perform deep dive analysis to understand and optimize the key levers of our ads and search ecosystems
    • Design core metrics that serve as the North Stars for team efforts and model trade offs across product areas
    • Explore alternative experimentation techniques to help internal teams evaluate their ideas faster
    • Apply statistics, modeling, and ML to improve the efficiency of systems and relevance algorithms across Search, Home Feed, and Related Pins
    • Work with product managers and engineers to design data products and debug A/B experiments


What We’re Looking For

  • MS/PhD in statistics, math, economics, applied sciences, or computer science.
  • Experience using Python, R, or SQL.
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to tell a complete narrative using data.
  • Ability to connect data analysis to real business problems, in order to impact business performance.

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