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With all this data, the Data Science team is looking for talented engineers to help us manage business-critical data leveraged across the entire organization. If you are data curious, excited about designing data pipelines, and motivated by having an impact on the business, they want to hear from you.

Every record in their data warehouse is vitally important for the businesses that use Stripe, so they’re looking for people with a strong background in data engineering and analytics to help them scale while maintaining correct and complete data. You’ll be working with a variety of internal teams across Engineering and Business to help them solve their data needs. Your work will provide teams with visibility into how Stripe’s products are being used and how they can better serve their customers.

You Will

    • Identify data needs for business and product teams, understand their specific requirements for metrics and analysis, and build efficient and scalable data pipelines to enable data-driven decisions across Stripe
    • Design, develop, and own data pipelines and models that power internal analytics for product and business teams
    • Help the Data Science team apply and generalize statistical and econometric models on large datasets
    • Drive the collection of new data and the refinement of existing data sources, develop relationships with production engineering teams to manage their data structures as the Stripe product evolves
    • Develop strong subject matter expertise and manage the SLAs for those data pipelines

They’re Looking For Someone Who Has

    • 3+ Years of experience in a Data Engineering or Data Science role, with a focus on building data pipelines or conducting the data-intensive analysis.
    • A strong engineering background and are interested in data
    • Prior experience with writing and debugging data pipelines using a distributed data framework (Hadoop/Spark/Pig etc…)
    • An inquisitive nature in diving into data inconsistencies to pinpoint issues
    • Knowledge of a scientific computing language (such as R or Python) and SQL
    • The ability to communicate cross-functionally, derive requirements and architect shared datasets

Some Things You Might Work On

    • Develop unified user data schemas and tables that provide a complete view of the business across their various products such as Stripe Connect, Atlas, or Sigma
    • Build data pipelines that track their marketing funnel from visits to onboarding to active usage of Stripe
    • Work on their centralized experimentation platform to pipeline experiment metrics and compute descriptive statistics
    • Improve their data visualization tooling and platform at Stripe to help the team create dynamic tools and reporting
    • Their stack spans tools in Scala, Python, R, Javascript, React, SQ.

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