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Vocalink Analytics builds products and services powered by payment data. By combining data science techniques with an intimate knowledge of payment data they develop solutions that will improve outcomes for people, businesses and economies. Headquartered in The City of London, and operating globally, they craft bespoke algorithms that help their clients gain an understanding of the behaviour that drives their business.

As a Data Science Operations Senior Analyst, you will be part of a team responsible for the day to day operations of the Vocalink Analytics product portfolio, building automatic systems to support the monitoring and operation of their services. You will work with a wider team of analysts, data scientists, and technologists, designing systems alongside these teams that ensure the efficacy and efficiency of our products.


Reporting to the Director of Data Science Operations, the Data Science Operations Senior Analyst will:

  • Build automatic monitoring tools for complex, data science-based microservice deployments. Ensure that their models are continuing to detect fraud and money laundering as they should, predict the future capably, and generate the right economic insights.
  • Working with their Data Scientists collect data and train models to enhance their service’s accuracy and reduce unnecessary alerts.
  • Working with their Engineers, seek to develop a self-healing and resilient set of microservices, promoting good operational principles during our research, design, and development phases.
  • Engage with legacy and future technology stacks, in the UK and internationally.
  • Develop Incident Management processes, automating as much as possible and integrating with Mastercard’s ticketing systems.
  • Communicate with both internal stakeholders and collaborators, as well as with technical and business functions within Vocalink Analytics’ clients.

All About You

Your passion is in building robust, smooth running services to solve real, pressing problems in the financial services sector. You enjoy working in a team and have an interest in data science and how advanced algorithms may be deployed as product offerings.

You are excited by new technology and new approaches to development and are keen to promote their use in an enterprise setting. You are detail-oriented and don’t mind getting your head down writing or reviewing code. You are happy to be on-call, though you aim to contribute to Vocalink Analytics’ software in such a way as to limit or even remove the need for anyone to be on-call.

  • You have 3 or more year’s worth of demonstrable experience in software development, data science, DevOps, operations or a related discipline.
  • You are comfortable communicating with a range of stakeholders, including subject matter experts, data scientists, software engineers, and enterprise DevOps and security professionals.
  • You are a confident software developer and can write (or are happy to learn) Python and Go.
  • You have a firm grasp of traditional data warehousing, can write SQL, and can optimize the use of a large relational database.
  • You have experience with and are interested in, contemporary approaches to service design, including the use of containers and container orchestration technologies, streaming data platforms, APIs and in-memory/NoSQL stores.

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