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At MedPro, not only are we leading the medical malpractice industry in the application of Data Science and examination of novel data sets, we are also expanding the boundaries of Data Science itself. While a formal education in Data Science provides a good foundation, many business problems do not fit into a common schema.That does not stop us.We routinely develop novel solutions and deliver results. In fact, 10% of our time is spent researching ideas we believe will have a return on the work that we do.If you are interested in a continual pursuit of increased industry excellence, we would like to hear from you.

What We Look For…
Experienced practitioners who are passionate about data and applying the latest machine learning technology to solve business problems.
Self-starters interested in growing with the department and a strong desire to see projects from beginning to end.
Driven and genuinely curious people who can accomplish tasks without extensive direction.

In this role you will…
Design and build the tools that progress the company along its digital journey.
Utilize a vast amount of data to help develop a deep understanding of underwriting risk and medical malpractice claims severity.
Build common analytic platforms across our diverse businesses.
Build natural language models for medical data extraction and better claim insights.
Declare, create, and test new programs, methodologies, and software.
Develop and implement Machine Learning / Deep Learning models.
Lead the monitoring and maintenance of models.
Communication to all affected departments. This includes the creation of appropriate documents (PowerPoint presentations, etc.) to be used in the communication of predictive model results to the company.
Mentor lower level associates.
Practice teamwork, flexibility and adaptability, obsessive client focus, results orientation, decision making and critical thinking, effective communication.


What Skills You Need…

Research, modeling or actuarial experience required. Healthcare / medical malpractice experience is preferred
Strong understanding of insurance related modeling and data, as well as current tools (software, existing code, theory) and data manipulation techniques
Strong math skills, including a working knowledge of multivariate calculus, linear algebra, basic probabilistic and statistical concepts, and regression

Minimum 4+ years’ experience in Python/R scripting and manipulating data
Experience with Natural Language Processing/Text Mining or Healthcare
Experience in machine learning, including deep learning models
Ability to break down complex problems into simple tasks and elegant solutions

The ability to translate technical ideas into simple explanations to non-technical audiences
The ability to speak with precision and concision

Education / Experience:
Masters in Statistics or related field. A history of continued learning or accomplishment is preferred.
4+ years of technical experience with the above qualifications

Doctorate degree in Statistics or related field
Experience with multiple programming languages
Experience in linguistics or medical terminology
Experience with AWS Cloud services

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