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About Attest

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in London and New York, Attest is a consumer research SaaS platform for the world’s biggest and fastest growing brands. Attest’s easy-to-use, self-serve dashboard is coupled with on-demand research expertise, empowering anyone to quickly conduct high-quality research and be continuously tapped into the consumer.Some of the notable brands leveraging continuous insights to put the consumer’s voice at the center of their business with Attest include Unilever, Santander, Walgreens/Boots, Klarna, Brew Dr. Kombucha, Trustpilot, JCDecaux among many others. To date, Attest has raised $90 million in venture capital with backing from investors such as Kismet, Schroders, and NEA. To learn more about Attest, visit Science at


Attest implements a cross-functional squad model where Product Managers, Data Engineers, Front-end and Back-end Engineers, and Designers solve specific business problems. Data Scientists are both independent technical advisors in squads, as well as work on projects which are valuable to the business in the long term that are often not related to any squad in particular. We also collaborate closely with Data Engineers to deploy and monitor models in the product.Data Scientists at Attest have considerable autonomy and being proactive is an important part of the role. We love to learn and stay active and up-to-date by taking part in internal hackathons, speaking at conferences, and attending training courses. Attest provides a recurring budget for attending conferences and technical training, as well as for funding personal growth and professional development opportunities.More about our projects: Science talk at the Data Science Festival in 2022:

The mission for this role is to…

As a Data Scientist, you’ll take data science projects from idea to production, working closely with our Engineering and Product teams to identify opportunities and deliver efficient and high-impact solutions.Our aim as a team is to research, develop and implement novel techniques to enable our clients to achieve accurate and useful insights from their survey data. This includes:

  • Filtering out low quality data via statistical and machine learning quality detection and anomaly detection algorithms.
  • Proposing recommendations on improving survey designs through experimentation design and A/B testing.
  • Automating the insights discovery from large amounts of unstructured survey data, such as generating groups and themes of open text answers, predicting sentiment, and other NLP tasks using our domain-specific language models.

We utilise a number of techniques under the umbrella of data science and machine learning. In particular, we focus on natural language processing, supervised and unsupervised machine learning, experimentation design, active learning, and explainable AI.

Your focus will be…

  • Be pro-active in identifying new Data Science opportunities in Attest by communicating and collaborating with Product and other teams across the whole company
  • Work on understanding Attest’s landscape and how Data Science work fits in
  • Promote Data Science work by running workshops and presenting to other data scientists in the team as well as on the wider company meetings
  • Build new capabilities that deliver immediate value and help our clients to gain valuable consumer insight more easily
  • Use supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques, including NLP and deep learning, to understand consumer data, make predictions about their validity, and extend this to semantic analysis and entity recognition
  • Collaborate closely with Data Engineers to deploy models into the product

We’d love to hear from you if…

  • You have experience developing and delivering production-ready data science projects in a high-growth commercial setting
  • You have some experience analysis text data, you are fascinated with new developments in NLP field (Large Language Models) and are keen to identify opportunities to use them in Attest
  • You have good knowledge of Python, strong coding and skills and extensive experience with libraries and frameworks used for statistical modelling and machine learning
  • You have understanding of data pipelines, a good knowledge of SQL and related technologies and are comfortable handling large-scale dataset
  • You are curious and possess rigour in your way of thinking, using data and your experience to make informed and effective decisions

Pay & Benefits

We believe that everyone’s unique skills and experience are important and we celebrate every hire we make. Our pay and benefits programme is designed with a focus on the wellbeing, engagement and growth of our people.

  • A competitive salary that fairly recognises your experience and potential
  • We’re enthusiastic to offer all Attesters EMI share options in the company so that as the business succeeds, so do you!
  • 25 days (UK) paid holiday per year, increasing to 26 after 3 years service and 27 after 4 years service. This is in addition to local public holidays and an additional 2 days off around the festive season
  • To help you save for your retirement, you’ll be auto-enrolled to our group pension plan when you join
  • Support with remote and flexible working both whilst we navigate the world as it is now and in the long-term. We’ll even give you £300 to set up your home office
  • A career growth and development budget of £20 per month which can be accrued over the year.
  • A £40 a month wellness allowance to spend on things that matter to your physical and mental wellbeing. This can be spent on a monthly basis or saved up for larger purchases over the year.
  • Access to private and confidential coaching or counselling via Sanctus
  • Spend up to 2 paid days per month – 10% time – giving back to your community or supporting your favourite charity
  • 10 days paid sick leave a year – for your body and your mind
  • 24/7 Employee Assistance Programme by Care First
  • Your choice of equipment and access to great tools that support your productivity and impact
  • An open, inclusive and supportive team where everyone is valued and all ideas and suggestions are welcomed

In-person and remote working balanceAs a company, we aren’t fully remote and place strong emphasis on teams being able to meet, and spend time together in a safe and flexible environment regularly, as well as being able to travel to meet customers when rules and safety considerations permit. We always want to ensure that it is balanced against having a healthy approach to flexible working/working from home and nurturing your life outside of work as well as in work.With that in mind, we have a permanent office location at 21-33 Great Eastern St, London EC2A 3EJ, where our team spend time together on a weekly basis. We don’t set specific rules, but expect folks to spend time with the team in the office up to 3 days per week.

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