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This role sits at the heart of the Machine Learning and Optimisation team. The team currently specialises in exploring newest available technologies (such as R, Python, Machine Learning and AI) to deliver projects for a diverse range of stakeholders within HMRC. The team also works alongside the Data Science Academy to deliver specialised training in advanced analytical techniques and assist the data science team with leadership and strategy for the team.

Some examples of the sort of projects in the team:

  • Developing an image recognition tool to help Cybersecurity identify and tackle websites using the HMRC logo inappropriately
  • Building machine learning models to identify fraudulent claims against the Covid-19 support schemes
  • Designing and running workshops and hands-on training in NLP.

Person specification

A data scientist is responsible for working as part of a team to support and in some cases lead the delivery of data science projects.

You will have the support of the Lead Data Scientist, which will allow you to move from a working knowledge of the core data science skills of coding, machine learning and statistics to a much stronger practitioner level of understanding and how to implement them. Alongside this you will develop your understanding of how to apply data science to deliver business impact.

Essential criteria:

  • Programming and Build – able to prepare and manipulate data via code and perform complex analytics.
  • Applied maths, statistics and scientific practices – can use appropriate statistical techniques on available data to discover new relations and offer insight into research problems; you do this to help improve organisational processes and support decision making.
  • Developing data science capability – can demonstrate a good understanding of data science techniques, such as machine learning and natural language processing, and supports data science capability building across the team and wider.
  • Delivering business impact – can show an understanding of business area and collaborate to help identify user needs.
  • Ethics and privacy – able to identify and respond to ethical concerns in your area of responsibility.

Desirable Criteria:

Knowledge and experience of the following would be advantageous, but could be developed in post:

  • Knowledge of deep learning methods.
  • Hands-on Practical experience with building Neural Networks libraries (e.g. with the Python libraries Keras, or PyTorch).
  • Knowledge of Bayesian inference and methodologies.

As a Data Scientist you’ll be keen to learn new Data Science concepts and develop your existing skillset. You will be proactively trying to grow your understanding of software development and analytical methods which you’ll use this to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team to develop data science solutions and outputs.

You will be able to work independently and have a good understanding of a range of topics, including data science techniques, delivery methods and stages (i.e. MVP’s), tools and technologies.

You should be able to develop complex solutions using a range of data science techniques, whilst understanding any ethical considerations.

You will collaborate with others to develop data science solutions and outputs supporting the organisation, being able to prepare and manipulate data, perform complex analytics and to present and communicate effectively.

Posted on Sep 21, 2023.

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