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They’re looking for a Data Scientist to join their SN Digital team at Springer Nature, to work on the Content Consumption Domain. The job is based in Kings Cross, London. Visit to learn more about who they are and what they do.

The RoleThey are always looking to continuously improve the user experience of their products and be customer focussed. As such they are looking for someone with the skills of a Data Scientist and the passion to understand their users by combining your quantitative insights with qualitative research carried out by the User Experience team.

As a Data Scientist you’ll be working with their flagship brands such as Nature, Springer and Biomed Central. You will use your skills in statistical analysis, software engineering and data analytics to proactively identify data patterns that help the team drive product development in the domain.

With your team, you will demonstrate, communicate and promote the value of Data Science to a broad audience both inside and outside the domain.

You will drive exploratory data analysis, designing experiments that are customer focussed and data informed. These will form part of the domains decision making, helping to validate findings and test hypotheses.

You will be working with a range of technical and non-technical people and as such communicating effectively to different audiences is a key part of your role.

They currently use Google Cloud Platform technologies including BigQuery, Dataflow & Data Studio, and Python/Jupyter Notebooks for statistical analysis. However you will be expected to pick up and recommend new tools as they evolve their data practice.

The Team

You will be part of a small cross-functional team, with a high level of autonomy in approaching user problems. Your team will identify opportunities to gather data that you will sanitise, analyse and interpret, paying attention to bias in the datasets. This data will be used for finding patterns, building models, and testing and improving algorithms that help their understanding of customer trends and offer opportunities to improve their products.

What you will be doing

Within 3 months you will:

  • Align yourself and the team’s work with the needs of your area, building relationships and getting help when needed to clarify the questions/problems that come your way
  • Work on improving the approach for using data to analyse, inform and explore potential answers to these questions/problems
  • Use your statistical knowledge to gain insights about their users from available data
  • Work closely with UX to effectively communicate these insights to a range of technical and non-technical internal audiences
  • Work with the team to design and implement experiments to test these questions/problems in a measurable way
  • Work with the team Tech Lead to begin to develop the best technical architecture for their user data service
  • Investigate potential statistical algorithms to use for personalising the user experience for Springer Nature’s users

Within 6 months you will:

  • Following on from initial tests of potential algorithms, you share the insights gathered with teams to improve users’ experiences on our platforms
  • Have an understanding of the technical architecture and are making changes as necessary
  • Advocate best practices for experiments in the team and the wider department
  • Have succeeded in planning, implementing and understanding the results of a small number of experiments; judging the statistical significance and implications of the experiments for product development
  • Are able to support data queries where relevant, whilst managing expectations of your role
  • Have communicated insights and information effectively and engagingly, through presentations, reporting and dashboards

Within 12 months you will:

  • Have helped the team show it is adding value by demonstrating successes in driving improvements to product development
  • Be able to show that user insights have helped to optimise the user experience on their platforms, to solve specific user and business problems
  • Be viewed as an advocate for a data informed culture by gathering, analysing and blending data to produce business and customer insights that lead to improvements to Springer Nature’s products, services and platforms
  • Build strong and proactive relationships with relevant business stakeholders and senior management, providing insights and analytics to support in achieving the strategic goals of the business
  • Be driving the alignment of your team’s output with the overall direction of the domain and the UX research strategy

Daily DeliveryAs an essential part of the daily product development, you will build on the established iterative design process and you will be working collaboratively with all members of your team.

You will:

  • Work collaboratively with the team to create a lightweight and rapid delivery process which continuously delivers value to the business and helps users find the right home for their content
  •  Participate in daily cross functional standups, kick-offs and regular story demos
  • Participate in UX standups and collaborate on research
  • Mentor members of the team on process, and Data Science in general
  • Ensure that lean continues to be the default way of delivering product improvements and demonstrate results in this area

This role also has responsibility for contributing to the team strategy and culture that is common to all members of the SN Digital team.

Required Technologies and Experience


  • Proficient in Python or R programming
  • Proficient with SQL
  • Data visualization skills and ability to effectively communicate the story of an analysis to technical and non-technical audiences


  • Google Cloud Platform big data technologies
  • Built and deployed machine learning models
  • Git or another version control tool

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