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This job has the potential for a high level of Executive exposure and the opportunity to lead and facilitate critical service initiatives at Apple. If hired, you would be part of a tightly knit and influential team chartered with designing and measuring business critical KPI for Apple’s service process and creating the consensus and momentum necessary to drive process improvements where needed. This is a key function within Apple, responsible for providing critical direction to the vast AppleCare service network.

Key Qualifications

Advanced data modeling experience, SQL skills, and ETL design

Advanced experience with Teradata
Experience with advanced data analytics, data transformation and data management projects
Dimensional modeling and business intelligence support
Working closely with IS&T and BPR on implementing infrastructure projects to scale the speed and quality of service offered by AppleCare
Experience with commercial and emerging reporting tools and technologies (e.g. Tableau, QlikView, D3).
Experience in Web-scale databases, Hadoop or NoSQL technologies.
Experience with big data and related data analytics and experience with R,Python or similar statistics tools.
Good knowledge of predictive analytics, statistics and modeling techniques to develop and improve sophistication of Business Intelligence solutions.
In-depth experience of analyzing data and creating reports, working with data to identify trends and make recommendations


To perform this job, you must possess strong analytical skills, and also be able to effectively communicate your insight to the highest levels of the company. Good public speaking/presentation skills, and command presence is a must.

Position Duties Include

Working closely with IS&T and BPR on implementing infrastructure projects to scale the speed and quality of service offered by AppleCare

  • Analyzing and evaluating the performance of key business metrics, e.g. warranty return rate, repair turn-around-time, customer journey, B2B partner analytics and other similar metrics
  • Whipping up quick, accurate analyses to answer urgent questions from top management, but also thinking deeply about ways to improve the accuracy of our measurement systems (e.g., NTF/CND), forecasts, ensuring data integrity, and scaling the team’s analytical capabilities, and then helping to implementing these ideas while also maintaining day-to-day workload
  • Building consensus across AppleCare service teams, e.g., Engineering/Carrier Management/Supply Chain/Order Management and securing buy-in on adopting new strategies to improving service processes at Apple

Education & Experience

BS/MS in data mining, computer science, mathematics, environmental science/geology, statistics, engineering, operations research, or related quantitative field is ideal. Top MBAs with a Supply Chain Planning focus could also do very well.

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