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They are developing data-driven products proving that doing and saying the right things is a good business. Good Business. Better World. They are looking for a motivated, enthusiastic individual to join their data science team. The role is a blend of hands-on data science work, an eye for innovation, and an understanding of the markets in which they work.

The new Data Scientist will be part of their Global Data Science, based in their Boston headquarters.

Role Responsibilities:

  • Develop cutting edge advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning algorithms and models to enhance and innovate their data-driven SaaS offerings
  • Automate commonly used analyses into POC advanced analytics packages
  • Work with text mining, text analytics, and NLP
  • Manage the creation, development, and iterative improvement of training sets for machine learning solutions that power their core product
  • Identify, test, and use industry available data science and machine learning packages, tools, and platforms
  • Create model comparison benchmarks and model selection processes
  • Support Engineering in model optimization and productization
  • Work with media data to create novel models and work with their cross-functional media team on bringing these models into their products
  • Manage strategy for multi-source data collection and merging for advanced analytics and ML/AI modeling
  • Work on Media data scraping algorithms
  • Deploy a variety of supervised and unsupervised machine learning models, including ensemble methods, deep learning, transfer learning, clustering, and another state of the art techniques
  • Research latest developments in AI/ML and NLP to keep innovating their solutions and offerings

Professional Qualifications

  • 1+ years of experience in Data Science, AI/ML modeling, and data processing and analysis, from the creation of the dataset to the final model in production
  • Strong data pre-processing and data manipulation skills
  • Data quality and data cleansing techniques
  • Strong knowledge of Python and relevant to data science Python packages and tools, including data visualization
  • Advanced data analytics skills, including proven hands-on experience of building models in Python with relevant libraries and packages
  • Understanding of Cloud Platforms (e.g. AWS/Azure/GCP) and ability to use them for developing, training, and testing machine learning models, including deep learning models
  • Familiarity with TensorFlow, Keras, PyTorch
  • Understanding of the principles of data strategy and architecture
  • Familiarity with autoML tools is a plus
  • Experience or familiarity with R and/or SPSS is a plus
  • Text mining and NLP background is a plus

 Desirable qualifications

  • Technical background and an academic scientific degree in Mathematics, Computer Science, Data Science, or similar
  • Sc. or Ph.D. is a plus

About The Company

The RepTrak Company™ is the world’s leading reputation data and insights company. They provide the only global platform for data-driven insights on Reputation, Brand, and ESG. Their proprietary RepTrak® model is the global standard for measuring and analyzing the sentiment of the world using proven data science models and machine learning techniques across industries and geographies.

Subscribers to the RepTrak® Program use their predictive insights to protect business value, improve return on investment, and increase their positive impact on society. Established in 2004, The RepTrak Company owns the world’s largest reputation benchmarking database of over 1 million company ratings per year used by CEOs, boards, and executives in more than 60 countries worldwide.

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