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About Them

Venmo was founded on the principles of breaking down the intimidating barriers around financial transactions to make them intuitive, friendly, and even fun. And it worked: people love sending money with Venmo, and they’re growing by leaps and bounds!

But they’re only just getting started. They want to take that magic of sending money with Venmo and cascade it into every place where people use money. That means connecting people to their money in the most intuitive and fun way possible, then connecting people with each other. Users already love Venmo, but they know there are lots of things they haven’t thought of to make the experience of using Venmo even more delightful and valuable. All that’s going to take a lot of figuring out. Let’s figure it out together!

Data Analytics at Venmo
Analytics plays a crucial role across Venmo. They approach problems inquisitively and with a desire to find solutions in their data. They believe that Analytics should drive business decisions across the company in order to keep their product simple, joyful, and delightful.

Data Scientist at Venmo
Venmo is looking for a curious, proactive, and organized analyst to work collaboratively with the various teams across the organization. You should be “full-stack”; equally capable of orchestrating data pipelines using infrastructure built by data engineers, digging through data to uncover novel insights, and convincing others by presenting those insights in a clear and concise way.

As a member of the Analytics team, you’ll drive critical business decisions, build out their analytical capabilities, and work on perplexing problems. You’ll become a thought leader, and an integral part of a company that makes payments fun!

What You’ll Do

    • Design and analyze experiments to support product development
    • Define and evaluate key metrics and understand what moves them and why
    • Model the lifetime value of their users
    • Write ETL to aggregate data out of disparate sources

What They’re Looking For

    • 4+ years experience in an analytical or technical role
    • SQL guru, and experience in an analytical programming language (Python or R)
    • 2+ years experience with self-service BI tools (e.g. Tableau, Looker)
    • Strong analytical intuition and business acumen
    • Ability to define relevant metrics and communicate them clearly to cross functional partners of varying technical levels to influence appropriate and accurate decisions

They know the confidence gap and imposter syndrome can get in the way of meeting spectacular candidates. Please don’t hesitate to apply.

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