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They are looking for a Data Scientist to join the Data & Metrics organization. Data and information have become an invaluable asset for technology companies that focus on innovation and are dedicated to providing phenomenal user experience. Spotify is taking this concept to heart and driving a “Data as a Product” initiative for its own data consumers within the company. The volume and breadth of data at Spotify are staggering – billions of records of streaming music, app interactions, artist information, and user behavior trends flow through their platform daily. Their team and product areas are at the center of this initiative. They design and implement new ways and strategies to empower the Spotify community of data scientists, engineers, researchers, product designers, business analysts, and leadership.

What You Will Do

    • Join a team of Data Engineers to study user behavior and financial data, support new product and feature decisions, understand their strategic initiatives and bring data and insights into high impact business collaborations. Above all, you will play a pivotal role in evolving our metrics, insights and dataset products.
    • Work hand-in-hand with the Spotify global data science and engineering community to understand various user or content trends that influence product changes and customer acquisition strategies
    • Bring financial performance visibility to key stakeholders in the company to measure the success of their business such as LTV, forecasting, etc.
    • Understand what fuels many of Spotify’s product features such as Discover Weekly, Daily Mix, Podcast offerings, holiday campaigns, and others
    • Get hands-on experience using new and exciting technologies, such as Bigquery, Scio (Dataflow), Kubeflow, and more to tackle business problems at scale.
    • Work closely with cross-functional teams of data and backend engineers, analysts, user researchers, product managers and designers that offer the flexibility to be creative and seek interesting ideas
    • Develop and communicate insights and recommendations stakeholders, engineering and product partners
    • Build and analyze dashboards, reports empowering operational and exploratory data analysis
    • Research how advanced data science techniques and machine learning can enable and empower their mission.
    • This role will be based out of New York and will occasionally require traveling.
    • … and of course, having fun! Being passionate about what you do also means celebrating achievements within the team and the Product Area!

Who You Are

    • A BS/MS in Mathematics, Computer Science or any other relevant fields of study
    • At least 3 years of work experience in the Data Science or Research fields
    • Have experience working in Finance in your previous roles
    • Having the ambition to grow and work within the area of Data Engineering as the team’s first Data Scientist.
    • Experience with and/or willingness to learn Scala/Java and distributed data processing technologies such as Spark, Beam, Scio, etc
    • Strong collaborator and teacher, eager to share knowledge and experience with colleagues to increase overall team fluency
    • Strong storytelling and data presentation skills (such as Tableau, Qlik, D3, ggplot, matplotlib)
    • Experience performing analysis with large datasets in a cloud-based environment, preferably with an understanding of Google’s Cloud Platform
    • Experience training and tuning statistical and machine learning models
    • You are capable of tackling very loosely defined problems and thrive when working on a team that has autonomy in their day to day decisions.
    • Ideally, you are comfortable working at a large scale, global consumer product company, in a product analytics or insights role.
    • Strong skills in SQL, Python, and data science ecosystem packages such as Pandas, Sci-kit Learn, Tensorflow, or equivalent

You are welcome at Spotify for who you are, no matter where you come from, what you look like, or what’s playing in your headphones. Their platform is for everyone. The more voices they have represented and amplified in their business, the more they will all thrive, contribute and be brilliant. So bring them your personal experience, your perspectives, and your background. It’s in their differences that they will find the power to keep revolutionizing the way the world listens.

Spotify transformed music listening forever when we launched in 2008. Our mission is to unlock the potential of human creativity by giving a million creative artists the opportunity to live off their art and billions of fans the opportunity to enjoy and be inspired by these creators. Everything they do is driven by their love for music and podcasting. Today, they are the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service with a community of more than 258 million users.

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