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They’re building out a new platform, the Fashion Knowledge Graph. Using the latest statistical and machine learning techniques you can help realize tremendous impact mapping fashion DNA to decode personal style.

As a member of the Inspiration data science team, you will play a key role in the establishment of a new platform, with opportunities to create enormous benefits for Farfetch customers. This role will involve deriving valuable insights from their data warehouse and graph database and building out machine learning models to recognize fashion entities as well as models to infer fashion DNA from relationships in the graph. You may work with a range of data including text and images.

In return, you can expect an opportunity to shine, plenty of support from a talented team, and a friendly and positive working environment.

What you’ll do

  • Perform analysis using tech such as Pandas, SQL, and Cypher to identify challenges and opportunities, deriving valuable insights
  • The prototype, test, and develop machine learning models, such as to recognize fashion entities in text/images, or to infer fashion DNA from knowledge graph relationships
  • Collaborate with team members in an agile environment
  • Provide solutions for problems with substantial commercial impact
  • Conduct experiments to show the causal impact of new ideas or implementations
  • Produce clearly written narratives, documents, and decks to communicate actionable recommendations to cross-functional stakeholders

Who you are

  • Have extensive experience writing clean and concise production-ready code in Python and at least one of Bash, Go, or JS
  • Have strong skills in statistics, probability, and machine learning
  • Are proficient in or highly enthusiastic about graph analysis and graph AI using tools like Neo4j, Cypher, GraphQL, or the RDF Semantic Web stack
  • Have experience in analyzing data using statistical techniques and conducting experiments using SQL and Pandas
  • You have a solid understanding of Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning, or Computer Vision
  • You are familiar with TensorFlow
  • Are extremely capable of working with machine learning software – having a working knowledge of production rising models: Git version control, unit tests, and containers
  • Work well as an individual and as part of a team that loves to deploy best practices
  • Have a strong ability to abstract complex problems to their essential components and design and implement elegant solutions for them

To take them to the next level, they are looking for a Data Scientist with extensive experience in Python and unrivaled enthusiasm in Statistical Analysis, Knowledge Graphs, and Machine Learning.

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