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  • Advanced degree in a STEM-related field, e.g. operations research, statistics, applied math, engineering, business analytics
  • Deep understanding of statistical and predictive modeling concepts, machine-learning approaches, clustering and classification techniques, and recommendation and optimization algorithms
  • Demonstrated proficiency in Python and SQL; additional knowledge of other data mining software (Spark, Scala, etc.) is a plus
  • Ability to easily understand complex algorithms and logic to process data
  • Experience working with a large volume of data with the ability to solve performance issues
  • Basic business intuition and clear expertise in analyses with the ability to describe analytic processes, including when and why specific approaches are favored
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills with an ability to visualize and report insights creatively in a variety of formats to various stakeholders

Who You’ll Work With

You will be joining the Boston or Waltham office, and be part of the OrgSolutions team.

OrgSolutions combines innovative design technology and advanced analytics with deep expertise to help their clients make effective organizational decisions. OrgSolutions can help human resources and business leaders to make smarter organizational decisions by leveraging advanced data analytics, user-centric design technology, and proven methodologies. These approaches help clients to answer critical questions related to cost reduction, efficiency and effectiveness streamlining, merger plans, divestments and carve-outs, and talent deployment.

In creating asset-enabled practices, McKinsey is driving innovation in how we serve clients with analytics and design thinking. In recent years, McKinsey has hired thousands of technology professionals – data scientists, designers, software engineers, product managers, etc – to serve alongside generalist consultants and identify ways that technology can improve outcomes.

What You’ll Do

You will analyze and evaluate a wide range of data, including data from human resources information systems, business metrics, and survey assessments.

In this role, you will leverage your advanced data analysis skills and create innovative approaches to answer their clients’ most relevant talent questions. You will be working on a variety of problems across many different industries, such as a top-tier professional services company trying to improve the efficiency of their recruiting pipeline, an insurance company facing high, inexplicable attrition, and a major pharmaceutical company in need of a roadmap to better understand its future talent needs.

You will work with clients and their team to translate clients’ questions into analytical problems, manage the entire data cleaning pipeline, apply machine learning algorithms and data visualization techniques, generate insights, and communicate them back to clients. Working on projects and exchanging experiences with your colleagues means you will face new intellectual challenges on a daily basis, while continuously building your methodological knowledge and skills.

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