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Data sits at the heart of Revolut and plays a uniquely crucial role in what they do. With data, they build intelligent real-time systems to personalize their product, tackle financial crime, automate reporting, track team performances and enhance customer experiences.

Fundamentally, data underpins all operations at Revolut and being part of the team gives you the chance to have a major impact across the company – apply today to join their world-class data department.

What They Need

Their Data Scientists are responsible for applying the scientific methodology, statistical inference and offline machine learning models to drive business decisions. They have strong backgrounds in statistics, applied mathematics, and computer science with the ability to write clean and operationalizable code. They are also creative, inquisitive and exceptional communicators with an aptitude for uncovering hidden patterns.

They are looking for Data Scientists who know how to get the most out of the product and help make the right decisions with the data.

What You’ll Be Doing

The Product

  • Retail
  • The engagement team is tasked with ensuring their retail users are consistently engaged with their product. Their retail product hosts a large variety of inclusive features that enable them to capture a variety of users such as backpackers, family travelers, ex-pats and even domestic users. This makes Revolut’s retail product complex and places them at the frontier of financial technology solutions.
  • The engagement team is full-stack and operates with the sole focus of encouraging their users to adopt their product and consistently improving their experience with Revolut.

You will sit within their Product

  • Retail
  • Engagement team and you will be collaborating with Product Owners, analysts, and engineers in order to develop data-driven solutions to move users through the growth funnel and increase feature adoption/retention. As a Data Scientist, you will conduct rigorous statistical analyses to understand the drivers of engagement and build systems to facilitate this.Here are some of the things you will be working on:

    Working closely with the PO and UX team on building strategy and making decisions

    Building complex models to identify patterns, correlations and causal relationships in user behavior

    Designing and conducting A/B experiments with statistical rigor: hypothesis tests, significance, validation, and conclusions

    Extracting and presenting new insights from data, making product proposals and answering critical business questions

    Building automated reporting on their main retail KPIs and analyzing them

    Doing anything and everything that helps the team deliver the highest value

    What Skills You’ll Need

    • You have a strong command of conducting analysis with Python. They use Jupyter & Google Colab
    • You have experience with creating metrics to assess the success and quality of a solution
    • You have a strong command of some flavor of SQL.
    • You have a passion for understanding user behavior and building data-driven strategies to boost engagement
    • You have excellent communication skills and an innate ability to tell stories with data

    a Little About The Revolut

    They believe that there are better ways for people to control their money. Easier, fairer ways.

    Revolut started in 2015 with fee-free card transactions abroad. They’ve since added current accounts, business accounts, savings, insurance, and even cryptocurrency trading.

    They reached 4 million customers in February 2019 and they’re adding another million every quarter.

    And they’re only just getting started.

    Come and help Revolut build the world’s first truly global bank.

    What They Are Looking For

    From employee 1 to employee 1000, you will be slotting into a global team that shares a number of traits.

    You can work autonomously and take ownership. They thrive with space and responsibility to solve problems.

    You operate best without lots of bureaucracy. They don’t hide behind fancy job titles or clunky processes ‘because that’s how things are done’.

    You approach work in a logical way. They are not afraid to make mistakes but they use data and logic to back up decisions and improve understanding.

    And you share their mission to improve people’s relationship with their money.

    The Benefits

    • Competitive salary
    • Biannual equity bonuses
    • All the latest tech you need
    • Skip the commute and work from home once a week
    • Roll with a free Revolut Metal subscription
    • Pension plan
    • Private health insurance
    • Don’t panic about cooking: get free dinners with Deliveroo
    • Start the day properly with fresh fruit and cereals
    • Stay refreshed: get juice, tea, coffee and soft drinks on tap
    • Rest up with 29 days’ holiday per year



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