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Our Ai+ Hiring Partner is a growing company bringing revolutionary new infrastructure technology to software engineers. They specialize in using graphs to solve high-throughput data streaming problems like: interpreting data in event-driven pipelines, streaming joins, materialized views, entity resolution, incremental computation, pattern matching, etc. To deliver these important new capabilities, some of the typical challenges their team solves include: Designing and maintaining protocols in distributed systems Writing compilers to run operations on a graph using high-level languages Implementing new features in their actor-based graph interpreter Creating high-throughput backpressured streaming pipelines Ensuring horizontal and vertical scalability Quine ( is their core technology. It is a streaming graph interpreter that makes it easy to find complex patterns in massive data streams and trigger action immediately. Built on native streaming graph technology as the result of 7+ years of DARPA-funded R&D, this extremely powerful new technology makes it easy for infinite datasets to be efficiently analyzed in real-time. Quine powers many key use cases in cybersecurity, fraud detection, data pipeline engineering, infrastructure optimization, and a long list of others. They are looking for an engineering leader to manage and coach their team of experienced distributed systems engineers. As Director of Engineering at the company, you will be responsible for running the entire engineering organization. That means focusing on coaching the people, managing their work to help the team continue their incredible pace of innovation, leading and executing the product vision, and shaping the makeup and structure of the organization as they grow the team significantly. Role and Responsibilities Learn. Become an expert in this cutting-edge technology. The “work” in “knowledge work” is all about gaining the necessary knowledge. You may not write the code, but you will lead the team who does. Build. As a fast growing company they need to hire great talent and lead them to personal and company success. Coordinate accomplishing short- and long-term goals among individuals and teams to meet deadlines with great results. Lead. They have genuinely new and important technology, but this is only the beginning! You will help lead the product vision and define what is next for the engineering team and for the company. Coach. Their Engineers are extremely sharp, talented, and hard working. Their manager needs to ensure they have the support and guidance they need to be productive, manage work as a major part of their lives, and to develop as a person. Communicate. Your primary role is to lead the engineering team and represent them to the rest of the company. Working remotely means you must be an expert communicator to succeed. Represent. As an engineering leader, advocate for the needs of our users and contribute to the community discussion on product direction and uses.

Job Requirements 5 years or more or progressively increasing management responsibility in a fast growing software engineering environment(s). Strong interest and background in distributed systems, functional programming, and event-driven systems. Experience with Scala, Java, or other strongly typed JVM languages. Experience working in Agile software development organizations leveraging continuous integration and deployment practices. Ability to collaborate and communicate effectively with multiple stakeholders. Ability to handle multiple priorities in an ever-changing environment. Excellent written and spoken communication skills. Location Support for fully-remote and in-person collaboration as it works best for individuals and the team. Much of their team is based in Portland, Oregon, but they are a remote-first company. This position needs to maintain typical work hours in a continental US time zone. About the Company
Our Ai+ Hiring Partner is working hard to change how software is built and deployed, to turn high-volume data into high-value data. But it’s the people that they work with make it such a rewarding experience. So you can start to get to know them, here is what they believe about… Work: About more than just a paycheck Should be intellectually engaging Should provide the opportunity to learn and grow Short-termism in tech is bad. It’s worth building lasting relationships. Punching a clock or counting hours is bad. Results > Hours. It’s a big part of our lives, but it’s not all there is. Code: It’s fun! It’s fascinating. Always hold on to that. Knowledge work: Coding is the easy part. Figuring out the ideas is hard work. Their mental model is really what they’re building when coding. Code is an expression of your mental model. People: A person ≠ their opinions. They value people even when they disagree with their opinions. Non-traditional backgrounds are highly prized. E.g. Philosophy majors wanted! They complement each other. Everyone is good at something and bad at something. They are upfront about what they don’t know, but they are also not afraid to learn anything that they don’t know. Humility and intellectual security are important for all of them. Hiring process: No coding on a whiteboard, brain-teasers, or guess-what-I’m-thinking questions. Plan to teach them something about the cool work you’ve done in the past. Let them teach you something about the cool work they’re doing now.

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