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The BVAL Data Architecture team is a small, cross-functional team within BVAL. Their goal is to drive data and evidence-based decision-making to benefit their clients and to enhance their products. They are seeking a data scientist to assist them in extracting valuable insight from BVAL’s high-quality pricing data, as well as create new data models and create an inventory of the data needed to drive their business processes forward, and partner with their quantitative team on building new data models. The ideal candidate will combine technical data science traits with good business acumen.

Who are you?

    • An autonomous, creative data scientist/architect who loves technology, is endlessly curious, aggressively inquisitive, and an advocate for best practice
    • A systems thinker who can conceive and portray the big data picture, while understanding how to break a larger problem down into smaller pieces that can be solved independently
      We’ll trust you to:
    • Design and launch (Minimum Viable Product) MVPs, proofs-of-concept for business process and workflow optimization
    • Identify strategic data/workflow gaps in our BVAL ecosystem and advocate for new technologies and techniques
    • Work together with Product, Quants, Engineering teams, and domain experts to help shape product strategy and execution roadmap
    • Build intuitive data visualizations to communicate information and to answer business questions
    • Balance hands-on work with a desire to keep up with trends.


    • You’ll need to have:
    • Programming skills in an analysis language (eg. Python, R) and extensive knowledge of open-source data analysis and machine learning libraries
    • Understanding of large scale, distributed analysis systems (e.g., Spark, Hive) with an ability to understand large systems with minimal documentation
    • Experience using data visualization tools such as Tableau or QlikSense
    • Strong analytical abilities with a passion for data and evidence-based decision-making
    • Good understanding of system development life cycle and software project management approaches
      Bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, statistics, engineering, or a closely related field
    • They’d love to see:
    • Systems thinkers – an interest or a natural preference to think about system architecture and how things work together
    • Understanding of bond structures, fixed income analytics, and pricing methods
    • Direct or indirect experience working with finance professionals in a time-sensitive environment



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