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Are you still a kid at heart and have a passion for shaping the future of play for kids all over the world?

Well, here is your chance! Come and play a pivotal role in using research, data & insight to innovate the future of play!

Core Responsibilities

  • Support the innovation process with quantitative research – using surveys, internal and external datasets, and in-market experiments to… size early opportunities, analyse the competitive landscape, validate the Key Value Proposition, segment audiences, test concepts at scale, inform the business case, test comms and go-to-market strategy
  • Develop the quantitative capability of the Experimental Research Team (ERT) – act as a leader and mentor to members in the ERT in developing quantitative skills and data literacy, i.e., using internal commercial data and external databases, scripting and analyzing surveys, audience sizing and segmentation, concept testing, pricing strategy, etc.
  • Define and drive development team’s learning agenda – identify the research priorities and needs of your development team, define a learning agenda and drive all research activities, whether they’re quantitative or qualitative!

The company is looking for someone with demonstrated ability and proven skills within

  • Quantitative research – designing, scripting, analyzing surveys for concept tests, opportunity sizing, pricing strategy, audience segmentation, etc. Familiarity with methods such as Conjoint, Kano, driver analysis, etc, and experience with SPSS or similar analysis tools
  • Data-driven strategy – applying data and insight to identify and size innovation opportunities, formulate product strategy, identify Key Value Proposition, and drive strategic decision making
  • Commercial mentality – basic understanding of commercial modelling, business case creation, pricing strategy, audience strategy, go-to-market strategy, feasibility and viability; ability to “bridge the gap” between research and commercial decision making
  • Data literacy – natural curiosity and passion for exploring datasets and sources, then applying findings to innovation challenges; experience using datasets such as Kantar TGI, Statista, etc.
  • Commercial experimentation – Taking an experimentation approach to research; Identifying risky assumptions, forming testable hypotheses, using metrics, running “live” or “in-market” experiments
  • Innovation – Experience working in end-to-end product or service innovation, starting with a blank page all the way through to bringing a product to market

As a person, you are expected to

  • Have a natural curiosity about people – their perceptions, attitudes, behaviors and emotions
  • Show strong social, collaboration and communication skills
  • Possess ability to work independently and identify critical and highest impact tasks
  • Be self-confident, with a problem solver and “do-er” demeanor
  • Demonstrate highly developed ability to take the lead, challenge and voice your point of view
  • Have a passion for numbers

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