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Starling, the leading digital bank, is on a mission to disrupt the banking industry. They’ve built an app with smart money management tools to help their customers live a healthier financial life. They also offer groundbreaking B2B banking and payments services.

Since their launch in 2014, they’ve surpassed 775,000 accounts in total: 695,000 retail current accounts, 59,000 business accounts for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and a further 22,000 retail euro accounts. They’re on track to hit one million accounts before the end of 2019. Their total deposits, meanwhile, have surpassed £600 million and are expected to top £1 billion over the same period.

They’re a fully licensed UK bank, and they have the culture and spirit of a fast-moving, disruptive technology company. They’ve won the Best British Bank award two years running, and now employ more than 600 people in their City of London office. They’re also creating up to 150 new jobs at their new Southampton site. They have secured a £100m award from the Capability and Innovation fund to transform SME Banking. Within the banking team they are leading and shaping the delivery of this award to help deliver the transformation in UK Banking that is Starling’s ambition.

Everyone at Starling gets the chance to own interesting things from day one, and they’re told one of the best things about working here is the ability to achieve a lot in a short space of time.

They are very open about how they deliver software – have a look at their QCon presentations or engineering podcasts to see what their developers have been up to. You can also try coding against your own bank account with them using their open APIs (see the developer site)

The Role

As their Lead Data Engineer, they would like you to own and deliver the following:

  • Implementation of database monitoring tools and diagnostics and proactive monitoring and management.
  • Improving the build-time and deployment-time mechanisms used for database changes.
  • Optimisation of database queries and general usage, for the purposes of both acceptable performance and of correctness.

You will also be responsible for:

  • Developing the data platform in the bank which covers online relational databases, application logic, data pipelines and big data analytics tools.
  • Optimising the performance of, and contributing to, data processing elements of the banking platform.
  • Contributing to the development of analytics capabilities across the various services within Starling Bank.

This role sits within their Data Team, but you will be working heavily with the wider Engineering Team. This role really starts at platform level, so being proficient in Java will be important!


Desired Skills and Experience

  • Software development skills with Java.
  • Confident using Postgres.
  • Experience building ETL pipelines.
  • Data Warehousing skills.
  • Comfortable writing complex queries against large relational databases.

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