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Machine Learning Engineer – People Analytics & Measurement 993 views


  • Masters degree or Ph.D. in a quantitative discipline, e.g., statistics, mathematics or econometrics, computer science, economics, physics, or any related field)
  • Experience designing and deploying cloud resources; AWS experience preferred
  • Fluency in Python and SQL with knowledge of R strongly preferred
  • Understanding of software development principles such as project architecture, version control (Git), test-driven development, etc.
  • Experience designing, deploying and maintaining machine learning-based services in the cloud, including model and data versioning, containerization, serverless architectures, APIs, continuous integration and deployment, monitoring and alerts, and debugging and tuning production systems
  • Applied experience across the machine learning development life cycle, from ideation to production
  • Ability to describe analytic processes from start to finish in your area of expertise
  • Theoretical understanding of NLP (Natural Language Processing) methods such as text embedding, summarization, and topic modeling, statistical methods such as factor analysis and logistic regression, and advanced machine learning methods such as boosted trees and deep neural networks

Who You’ll Work With

You will join the Atlanta, Chicago, or New York office and be a part of the People Analytics team.

The People Analytics team is globally respected as a leader in the field. You will be provided the opportunity for in-depth exposure to new, emerging methodologies through hands-on client projects, e-learning, certifications, live boot camps, and global analytics conferences. This team is one of the fastest-growing disciplines in analytics.

What You’ll Do

You will work in a small pod of data scientists to build and deploy machine learning services across every aspect of the firm’s people function.

These services are highly visible to firm leadership and are ingrained in critical workflows across the firm. You will help them transform how their stakeholders go about their daily work by automating much of their less sophisticated tasks and allowing them to focus on more value-added activities.

Specifically, you will lead their team’s cloud deployment strategy, including managing the DevOps and codebase of these services to maintain reliable and scalable services. These will not be cookie-cutter deployments, you will work with stakeholders and project managers to tailor deployments to the workflows and requirements of your users and stakeholders.

At McKinsey & Company, their most valuable resource is our people. As such, they have built a world-class people analytics team dedicated to optimizing people management and facilitating data-driven decision making for firm leadership, including strategies to improve employee satisfaction, team structure, employee management, recruiting decisions, and other high impact use cases.

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