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Pinterest is a fast-growing platform that helps people discover ideas for their daily life. The Search Team at Pinterest helps Pinners explore and find the things they love through a unique visual search experience that spans answers and inspiration. Search quality is key to the success of Pinterest Search, and they’re looking for a software engineer to build advanced search technology using both text and visual signals as well as focusing on the special circumstances of the Pinterest specific search use case.

What You’ll Do

    • Be able to work on all aspects of the search problem such as topicality/relevance, page quality, image quality, overall ranking, query understanding, guided search, image content understanding, etc.
    • Build models or develop ranking features for 250 million monthly users
    • Build a search product that keeps Pinners engaged with great personalized content

What They’re Looking For

  • 4+ years of working experience
  • Technical background in Machine Learning, Information Retrieval, or Natural Language Processing
  • Experience on working on large scale internet applications
  • Hands-on technical approach and ability to build large-scale production quality systems.
  • Search quality expertise and experience working with a large-scale production search engine.
  • Applied ML experience is strongly preferred. Experience in related fields such as recommendation systems, natural language processing, and computer vision is a bonus.
  • Experience in working with users outside the US and in non-English languages is a bonus

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