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Our name, Slingshot AI, reflects our mission: AI for all, not just Goliath.

We’re building an opinionated, serverless, modular platform for machine learning developers to build and deploy ML applications. These three ideas, being opinionated, modular, and serverless, are our key to building the ML developer platform.

  • We’re opinionated because we believe that there are best practices for ML development, and want to encourage them without mandating them.
  • We’re modular, so developers can pick and choose the components they need for their use cases at their stage of development. Modularity is critical in a quickly evolving ecosystem where we can’t build everything ourselves and the most important components may not yet exist.
  • We’re serverless because we know servers are the wrong unit of abstraction to think about machine learning. We want to help developers focus on their models rather than their infrastructure, which we know to be a huge pain point for small ML teams.

If we succeed, we’ll enable a single ML engineer to close the loop and get apps into production without needing to think about infrastructure (or know what a “feature store” is). And ultimately, we’ll be defining the next generation of ML engineering.

We’re a well-funded, seed-stage startup backed by top-tier tech investors involved in Docker, Shopify, Plaid, Notion, Canva, Opendoor, Twitch, Airtable, and others. We’re building a powerful team to revolutionize ML Engineering by empowering our engineers with the autonomy, flexibility, and resources to do their best work.

The Role

As a member of our technical staff, you’ll act as a generalist influencing the developing of our product and core services. You’ll work with a modern tech stack, interacting with our backend, SDK, frontend, and orchestration layer. You’ll work closely with other engineers to build the features that delight our users and solve their ML engineering pain points.

Most of our code is Python (3.9+), React/TypeScript, and Docker + Kubernetes. All of our code is typed and we try our best to be Zen.

About you:

  • You’re fluent with multiple general-purpose programming languages. You’re tech stack agnostic and care more about using the right tech for the job.
  • You have experience with modern backend technologies and architectures like microservices, message queues, caching layers, and databases (ideally SQL and NoSQL)
  • You have experience with proper software engineering best practices like test-driven development, have a deep appreciation for what good code looks like, and have 3+ years of experience as a software engineer or machine learning engineer.
  • You like being a generalist, a team-player, want to own what you build, love solving really hard problems, and are driven by building a world-class product
  • Experience with machine learning is preferred, but not required

What We Offer

  • Competitive compensation
  • Remote-first, highly collaborative, fast-paced culture
  • Unparalleled growth opportunity – learn faster than you would anywhere else
  • Have a massive impact on the next generation of ML engineering

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