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Intel Ignite is a 12-week program operating both in Israel and Germany for diverse and impressive seed-stage startups. 

The program was established as a strategic startup acceleration program, It reports directly into Intel CTO, with the following targets:  

  • Drive open innovation  
  • connecting Intel with top disruptors  
  • Identify & generate strategic technical insights for Intel 
  • Change Intel’s perception with top startup innovators
  • Be a change agent in Intel’s culture shift journey – Bring along Intel talent as we work with startups 

The program boasts a rigorous selection process – 4% acceptance rate. Upon entering the program, the participating startups receive hands-on mentorship from Intel and industry experts in all relevant domains, including product, technology, business, management, HR, finance etc. In addition, Ignite provides entrepreneurs with a preferred path to leading global investors, in-depth resources and the prestige that comes from being accepted into one of the most challenging and competitive accelerator programs in the world.

Ignite is launching its 3rd site, the 1st in the US, in Boston. We are looking for an experienced entrepreneur to run the program. The Managing Director of Intel Ignite is the key person who makes the program happen. He/she plans and executes program, while also working to make the local ecosystem stronger than ever. The ideal candidate has previous experience as a founder CEO (strong in business and technology) of one or more successful tech startups in the past 5 years, and:

  • Has proven experience in building a successful startup team
  • Raised funding from reputable investors
  • Is embedded in the regional startup ecosystem and understands current trends
  • Knows how to build an amazing product
  • Knows how to develop customers and grow a company
  • Can engage and recruit top entrepreneurs and startups at different stages
  • Participation in a well-known accelerator program in the past is a plus
  • Experience in successfully working within a large global corporation is a plus

Characteristics & abilities:

  • Can build a world-class mentor, angel/VC, and customer network to fuel the growth of portfolio companies
  • Thrives on collaboration within Intel and with the wider tech industry and ecosystem
  • Can manage all logistics and on-boarding processes 
  • Strong drive and hands-on
  • Demonstrates innovative and out-of-the-box thinking in working with this unique community
  • Ability to engage and recruit top entrepreneurs and startups at different stages
  • Understands how to build an amazing product, and knows how to develop customers and grow a company
  • Has strong relationships with local tech influencers, incubators, and accelerators
  • Actively participates in local tech events
  • Fluent in English

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