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ML/AI Engineer/Researcher Vector Embeddings 1135 views

About this role

Weaviate is a vector-search index, which means a lot of emphasis is placed on the Approximate Nearest Neighbor (ANN) model that powers Weaviate’s vector indices. With unique capabilities, such as filtered vector search, Weaviate enables new use cases for their users and customers. Any possibility to improve the ANN models in the vector indices allows their customers to reach larger scales and higher throughput at reduced cost. As part of this role, it is your responsibility to define how Weaviate will perform vector indexing in the future. This may include incremental improvements in the short-term or can mean a completely different strategy in the long-term. You are deeply passionate about efficient similarity search of vector embeddings. Your goal is to both incorporate the world’s research into Weaviate’s algorithms, as well as push the SOTA through your ongoing long-term research.

What they are looking for

  • Your background is in ML/AI research or Software Engineering with a focus on research.
  • You are very familiar with vector-embeddings and similarity search and are willing to make this the focus of your research
  • You have a good understanding of common similarity algorithms and techniques, such as HNSW, Annoy, ScaNN, Locality-Sensitive Hashing, Product Quantization, etc.
  • You can express your findings through code. This can be any language and does not need to be production-quality.
  • You are willing to work with Weaviate’s Core Engineering team to make sure your research ends up in the product.

What they offer

  • 100% remote with flexible work hours.
  • Competitive compensation, including paid time off.
  • You will work at the forefront of search, ML/AI, and cloud-native technologies – and all of it is open source.
  • An atmosphere that encourages learning and personal growth, with very experienced team members to learn from.
  • Opportunities to speak at conferences, publish blog posts, videos, etc. (We are aware that this is not for everyone and is therefore optional).

About SeMI Technologies

At SeMI Technologies, they believe that the next wave of software infrastructure is AI-first and that a solid open-source community is the basis for creating high-quality software. their flagship solution is the vector search engine Weaviate, with which they aim to serve any community member, large or small, all over the world. Will you join them in this mission?

Their Values

  1. Openness by Default – they believe that the best way to create community and build new technology can only be done by being open and transparent. The open nature of their company is not limited to open-source software but also how they communicate with the outside world.
  2. Listening to their Community – the community of users and customers around the technologies they build have been tremendously gracious in giving them feedback, sharing ideas, and contributing ideas. They go to great lengths to listen and process all forms of feedback to create the best solutions they can.
  3. Quality – they create core infrastructure that companies in any industry, foundations, and governments rely on. This means they need to develop high-quality software and processes to support them. Every change in software and processes must stand reliability and performance quality control. They always think about the production environment and the impact on existing, and new users first. Additionally, they show their standards through developer friendly-UX and open-source software.

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