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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is looking for a Machine Learning Data Linguist to join the AI Data team. This role focuses on text annotation and data collection. You will join a growing team of professional linguists. You will apply your analytic skills to help develop the high-quality language data needed to train innovative models in Machine Learning. The successful candidate must have a background in linguistics or localization, experience with language analysis, and a passion for efficiency and accuracy.

Key job responsibilities

  • Build a thorough understanding of annotation guidelines and annotation tools
  • Annotate natural language data accurately within deadlines, adhering to guidelines
  • Dive deep into the data to perform qualitative error trend analysis
  • Collect and organize data according to criteria
  • Handle unique data collection and analysis requests for different NLP/NLU applications
  • Collaborate with other ML Data Linguists to resolve data ambiguities and annotation disagreements
  • Provide feedback to Language Engineers on annotation guidelines, tooling, and processes to drive improvements

A day in the life

The AI Data Team at AWS is responsible for delivering high-quality annotated data and a variety of language artifacts to ensure the best performance of different AWS machine-learning language services. These ML-based language services enable customers to readily add intelligence to their business operations and AI applications to drive positive

Basic Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree in Linguistics, Speech Processing, Communication, Cognitive Science, or a related field, with some background in syntax, semantics and pragmatics
  • 1+ years of experience with natural language data labelling and other forms of data markup
  • Ability to strictly adhere to annotation guidelines, think abstractly about language, and identify basic parts of speech
  • Ability to interpret quality metrics and understand basic statistics
  • Excellent communication and strong organizational skills with a keen eye for details
  • Comfortable working in a fast-paced, highly collaborative, and dynamic work environment

Preferred Qualifications

  • Advanced or native proficiency in Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, or another foreign language
  • Ability to quickly learn new guidelines, technical concepts, and softwares
  • Flexibility to work in different operating systems (Windows, MacOS, or Linux) and collaborative productivity tools
  • Working knowledge of a variety of file formats and mark up languages (e.g. JSON, XML, HTML)
  • Familiarity with command line interfaces and basic Unix commands
  • Familiarity/experience using annotation tools
  • Willingness to support several projects at one time, and to accept reprioritization as necessary

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