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Fidelity is asking the question: How much AI can be applied to practically improve investors’ decision support process? Fidelity is looking for an experienced data scientist to advance the research and development of AI/ML methods as components in the delivery of innovative investment management technology solutions. This role will design and implement portfolio risk and optimization techniques to deliver industry differentiated capabilities.

The ideal candidate will have experience combining multi-variate statistical modeling, machine learning, and open-source approaches to Cloud computing and Big Data into practical investment capabilities. They desire candidates with proven track records in the design and implementation of deep learning and/or portfolio optimization methods. Experience/interest in high-performance computing, including quantum computing will be a plus.

This position will be based in Boston, MA.

The Team

The Advanced Technology for Investment Management (ATIM) is an innovation team within Fidelity. ATM makes pivotal investments in building break-through technologies as practical and innovative investment capabilities. The goal is to continually strengthen investment decision support, build portfolio construction insights, and support personalized investment goals. The team works within an innovation ecosystem that includes partners from investment, client relations, technology, and centralized R&D units. Fidelity’s ATIM seeks cross-domain authorities with backgrounds that connect investment management, machine learning, and technology implementation. They cultivate success through a rigorous, collaborative approach that builds, tests, and iterates as they learn and seek challenging processes and problems in investment management.

The Expertise You Have

  • PhD in Computer Science, Applied Math, Statistics, Physics, Data Science or related field
  • Interest in financial markets, products, and investment processes.
  • Prior experience in building simulation models, predictive models, or optimization solutions which delivered business value.
  • Expertise in model evaluation and computation performance tuning on production environment
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills, effective in interacting with both technical and non-technical professionals.
  • Embrace agile methodology and pay meticulous attention to detail
  • Unquestioned integrity


The Skills You Bring

  • Proven and deep expertise in applying deep learning, generative modeling and advanced AI techniques to tackle business problems
  • Proven passion for the financial markets, products, and investment process (including Fixed Income Analytics, Asset Pricing Models and Multi-Factor Risk Models)
  • Good applied knowledge with statistical models, predictive models and time series analysis (such as regression, classification, simulation, dimension reduction techniques)
  • Good applied knowledge of mathematical algorithms of solving common optimization problems (including linear/nonlinear/integer programming)
  • Proven success building computing algorithms with Java, Scala, Python or R with GPUs and/or map-reduce framework
  • Strong data exploration and analysis skills using advanced SQL
  • Desire to work with interactive web tools and quick prototyping with visualization


  • Experience with crafting proprietary machine learning processes to model dynamic dependencies and causalities
  • Knowledge with quantum computing, applying existing quantum computing libraries and quantum circuit design

The Value You Deliver

  • Advancing the research and development of AI/ML methods as components in the delivery of innovative investment management technology solutions
  • Designing and implementing portfolio risk and optimization techniques to deliver industry differentiated capabilities
  • Effective partnering across Fidelity’s technology, AI Center of Excellence and investment teams



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Company Overview

At Fidelity, they are focused on making their financial expertise broadly accessible and effective in helping people live the lives they want. They are a privately held company that places a high degree of value in creating and nurturing a work environment that attracts the best talent and reflects their commitment to their associates. They are proud of their diverse and inclusive workplace where they respect and value their associates for their unique perspectives and experiences. For information about working at Fidelity, visit

Fidelity Investments is an equal opportunity employer.

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