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Senior Data Engineer, Cohort Creation API 840 views

At Komodo Health, its mission is to reduce the global burden of disease. Smarter use of data is essential to this mission. They combine the world’s most comprehensive view of patient encounters with innovative algorithms and decades of clinical expertise to power their Healthcare Map, the industry’s most precise view of the U.S. healthcare system. With the Healthcare Map as their foundation, they offer a suite of powerful software applications that deliver exceptional value to the industry.

Their people are the center of their success. They are a smart, supportive team with diverse perspectives and a shared passion for fixing what’s broken in healthcare. It’s fun, challenging, and important. Join them!

The Opportunity at Komodo Health

The generation of a medically-related cohort is the gateway to all the work they do at Komodo Health. As a member of the team responsible for Komodo’s standardized approach to healthcare cohort generation (Prism), you are responsible for the backbone data retrieval and transformations required by their internal service layer used to serve cohort generation along with a variety of axes – patients, payers, providers, etc. You are responsible for ensuring that complex cohort generation queries are supported through the cohort generation API, adhere to SLAs, and for the underlying caching necessary to support multiple cohort generation access patterns.

Looking back on your first 12 months at Komodo Health, you will have…

  • Expanded or enhanced the Prism internal data model to ensure timely performance for all types of cohort generation requests
  • Recommended and implemented additional pre-calculation and caching strategies as needed to ensure that SLAs are met
  • Promoted API versioning best practices and open API standards in development
  • Leveraged relevant AWS services (API gateway, lambdas, among others), updating as needed to take advantage of new beneficial features in support of the API
  • Partnered with product managers to understand the variety of internal and external cohort specification needs across a diverse set of use cases
  • Ensured non-functional requirements are met, such as around developer experience and maintainability
  • Managed technical dependencies between different microservices to ensure smooth operations
  • Set a high technical standard overall and be a mentoring resource for others on the team and in the larger organization

What you bring to Komodo:

  • Significant experience designing APIs for use in web application development (synchronous vs asynchronous response patterns, caching strategies, etc)
  • Significant experience optimizing data retrieval processes supporting API output, as above, ideally within a low query volume / high data volume environment
  • Demonstrably deep experience with Python
  • Demonstrably deep experience with relevant ‘big data’ processing either via Spark or through a modern MPP database like Snowflake, ideally with experience in both
  • Experience with separate caching/cache invalidation strategies
  • Understand and design for non-functional concerns such as performance, cost optimization, maintainability, and developer experience
  • Strong communication with engineers, product managers, and salespeople

At Komodo Health, they don’t just accept differences — they celebrate it, we support it, and they thrive on it for the benefit of their employees, their products, and their community. Komodo Health is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace.

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