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Duties: Mine data and develop algorithms to predict gross profit daily. Uncover the main drivers of margin variability and develop machine learning models to predict occurrence of events that impact profit. Perform model development and analytics operating over SQL, Hadoop, and Vertica databases at terabyte size data scale. Direct workstreams and new projects on profit forecasting. Develop strategy and algorithmic technical frameworks behind project execution. Provide Finance, Marketing, and Pricing teams with profit forecasts to inform their business decisions. Partner with the engineering team to manage the ETL pipeline for-profit forecasting. Manage complex codebases with Git version control. Manage a team of PhD and MA data scientists with advanced training in statistics, machine learning, and software engineering. Deliver presentations to general managers and business leaders synthesizing data findings, model output, and strategic insights.

Requirements: Master’s degree (or foreign equivalent) in Statistics, Business Administration, Psychology, Computer Science, or a directly related field involving quantitative analysis and statistics plus two (2) years of experience in programming, manipulation, and analysis of large data sets.

Experience must include one (1) year in each of the following (experience may be gained concurrently):

    • Identifying operational process improvement opportunities and driving concurrent improvements in people, process and technology
    • Creating strategic roadmaps for growth or managing implementation against deadlines and milestones
    • Leading the development of Big Data Analytics solutions leveraging the latest data analysis techniques (including machine learning) for large quantities of structured and unstructured data
    • Managing large scale cross-functional transformation in high growth organizations
    • Leading executive-level communications with multiple stakeholders regarding strategic vision alignment and project status updates
    • Developing presentations using Visio and PowerPoint
    • Leading cross-functional teams of engineers, data scientists, and other specialists throughout the strategic growth initiative development process
    • Performing experimental design and hypothesis testing including A/B testing and multivariate testing (MVT)
    • Building predictive models, using historical data to predict target markets, customer segments, messaging and spending
    • Evaluating predictive models including ROI analysis and backtesting on historical data for evaluating future predictions

Will accept a Bachelor’s degree plus five (5) years of described experience.

Experience may be gained before, during, or after issuance of advanced degree.

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