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Fospha specialises in collecting, integrating, storing, activating, and operationalising business data. As part of the Data science team you will be involved in research and development of innovative data led solutions to business problems. The data science team,

  • Builds machine learning solutions for some of the largest internet era companies
  • Builds IP for fledgling software companies where data is at the core of their product offering
  • Builds rapid prototypes as proof of concept and proof of value add for Fospha clients
  • Interfaces with Fospha software development teams to build repeatable and scalable software solutions
  • Translates business problems into analytically tractable research problems, and develops the requirements and mathematical tools necessary to see solutions.
  • Interfaces with key business stakeholders to bring data solutions into the heart of businesses, disrupting the status quo and driving growth.
  • Integrates disparate data sets and performs deep analytics to unlock actionable insights and growth opportunities for Fospha clients.
  • Consults on data science strategies and growth opportunities at c-suite level, both internally and externally.

As a Data Scientist, you will work on a variety of exciting projects in a fast-growing organization with a lot of opportunities to tackle complex problems that will require you to mathematically, statistically and practically formulate them and stretch your understanding of business and research.

At the Fospha data science team you will be part of a team of mathematicians, physics, statisticians, and engineers. We work on problems together and see them through from concept to operational workhorses; our solutions grow with us and we grow with our solutions.

Do you ask questions like, ‘are the stumpy trees really good enough?’, ‘How can I stop my ReLUs from dying?’, ‘Is convergence actually trivial in this example?’, ‘How much value can I get my client?’, ‘Can I ensure that if this isn’t going to work that it will fail fast?’, ‘Is this actually NP-hard?’, ‘Do I need another 1billion rows of data?’, ‘The RNNs are discriminative enough, but what have we learned?’.

If so, we have a home for you in the Data Team.

The Role:

  • Work closely with product, consulting and software engineering teams to identify and solve key product and client problems.
  • Use statistical and data expertise to answer both product and client needs.
  • Prototype and build high quality data products, interfacing with all internal teams that are required.
  • Communicate technical concepts and analysis to a wide audience; including data scientists, product analysts, consultants, and C-level members of the organisation.
  • Translate business problems into analytically tractable problems and solutions.
  • Ability to conduct deep mathematical based research to solve relevant problems.
  • Be client and data obsessed. Build great solutions to client problems and present insight that empowers them.

Technical skills:

  • Python (advanced).
  • R (advanced).
  • SQL (advanced).
  • C++ (working knowledge beneficial).
  • Comfort in building solutions in both Windows and Linux environments.
  • Implementing data science solutions into production.


  • Background in mathematics & statistics (quantitative background, MSc. or Ph.D. mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics, computer science, machine learning or equivalent quantitative field)
    • Experience adapting techniques from research papers to specific problems.
    • Advanced knowledge of machine learning: both supervised and unsupervised learning.
    • Experimental design and robust statistical significance testing.
    • A/B and multivariate testing, predictive analytics, and Bayesian inference.
    • Knowledge and understanding of optimisation: stochastic gradient descent and its extensions.
  • Problem solving
    • Extensive experience with quantitative methods to solving analytic problems.
    • Able to translate business problems to analytic problems.
    • Design, implement, evaluate, and monitor quantitative solutions.
    • Present results of analyses to business units; explain technical and statistical concepts to non-technical associates and clients.
  • Data story telling.
    • Passion for empirical research.
    • Comfort analysing and manipulating large data sets from multiple sources.
    • Translating statistical analysis from numbers to communicable insight.
    • Strong skills concerning visual communication of information.

Why Us?

Many problems are difficult to solve, especially at scale. They take the right team and environment. We are a mix of individuals from data scientists and computer engineers to designers, marketers and entrepreneurs. We have very different personalities. We are united by a set of values, by a passion for solving big problems. You’ll have an academic background in a technology-lead engineering discipline such as Computer Science, Natural Science, Mathematics or Engineering and have worked developing technology solutions in industry or with industry partners.

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