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The role is for a senior-level team member who lives to revolutionize how data is able to deliver value to each person on a journey of improvement. They will be focusing on the latest and greatest predictive modeling, and research-based methods to vastly improve Machine Learning and advanced statistical methods. The systems (soon to be built- by you!) will know clientele in and out, and how EXACTLY to set them on a path of betterment. You’ll also be inventing how these methods can be applied to physical devices. You seek ways to improve, communicate openly, and be an active problem-solver throughout the design, development, and delivery stages.


  • Gathering and analyzing CUSTOM data from raw sources
  • Performing POC analysis from a statistical perspective, identifying key factors, building prototypes and reporting findings to product owners
  • R&D for analysis on further forecasting and optimization methods to improve the effectiveness of any Digital Marketing or product development
  • Statistical testing to measure the success of projects and business impact
  • Researching forefront techniques, proposing and initiating innovative data science efforts to drive management efficiency and member experience;
  • Designing and building up scalable data science pipelines through to production
  • Creating and collaborating with engineers according to business requirements, and engaging with partners to advise on analytical project requirements, discuss methodologies and negotiate deliverables
  • Maintaining data science pipelines
  • Deliver a range of custom Data Science projects that may include Recommendation Systems, Pricing, forecasting, Optimization, Time Series Modeling, Customer Lifetime Value Customer, Propensity Modeling, Image Recognition, The list goes on.


 The successful Senior Data Scientist will likely have the following skills and experience:

  • Ph.D. or Masters PREFERRED in Statistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Operational Research or similar field
  • Prior experience in advanced Engineering or Data Science role; Healthcare space preferred!
  • FLUENT in Python, Java, C++, or other object-oriented languages, experience using standard libraries (scikit-learn, MLlib, TensorFlow, MXNet, PyMC3)
  • Applied Machine Learning experience on LARGE datasets, with production software development as a PLUS, as is experience in Bayesian Inference, or Reinforcement Learning
  • Distributed computing experience (Hive/Hadoop, Spark, etc.)
  • Experience with traditional as well as modern machine learning/statistical techniques, including Regression, Classification, Regularization, Ensemble Methods, Deep Neural Network, Causal Inference, and Hypothesis Testing
  • Extensive machine learning and modeling experience, and have delivered multiple projects as a lead scientist or in a similar capacity
  • Relevant work in an e-commerce environment
  • BENEFITS ARE ENDLESS: Competitive salary + comprehensive benefits, flexible working hours with paid time off, continuous development opportunities such as on-site training and conferences, on-site workout space and unlimited membership, free food, drinks, and FRESH organic fruit

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