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Fidelity Investments – Senior Data Scientist – AI, Machine Learning, Big Data

RoleAt Fidelity’s Artificial Intelligence Center of Excellence (COE), you won’t be just tinkering around the edges, you’ll be building critical solutions that will benefit our clients for years to come. We work closely with business stakeholders, collect requirements and deliver high value AI/ML solutions that drive customer and business value. Those of us who love to work with data see this as the pinnacle of opportunities that you cannot find anywhere else in the industry.The AI COE is seeking a Senior Data Scientist with experience in Conversational AI, Generative Large Language Models, Natural Language Processing, Machine learning, various deep learning related technologies, predictive and prescriptive analytics.

The Expertise And Skills You Have

  • PhD in Computer Science with extensive research papers on Natural Language Processing, OR Master’s Degree in Computer Science, Statistics, Data Science or similar technical discipline with at least 3 years relevant professional experience
  • Deep understanding of Machine Learning, Deep Learning algorithms, and Large Language Models both in terms of application and training ground up.
  • Understanding of fundamental NLP and machine learning algorithms – classification, summarization, semantic parsing, question answering
  • Familiarity with running machine learning models from HuggingFace and other popular libraries. Understanding different LLMs and their pros and cns.
  • Familiarity with the application and training of open-source generative large language models – e.g., prompt engineering, prompt-tuning, instruction fine-tuning
  • Knowledge of most of the following quantitative fields: Natural Language Processing, Information Retrieval, Machine Comprehension, Question Answering/Conversational AI, Reinforcement Learning, Knowledge Graph, Causal Inference, and Design of Experiment
  • Statistical and data science programming skills, such as Python and R
  • Experience in Big Data, search, NLP, and chatbot technologies such as Elasticsearch and Solr
  • Knowledge of Deep Learning and related tools such as TensorFlow, Keras, MXNET, or H2O is preferred
  • Experience deploying NLP solutions in a commercial environment
  • Manage and guide data science and data engineering elements of AI projects
  • Set a strategic direction for data identification, collection and qualification activities
  • Lead data analysis for multiple projects with diverse scope and complex business and technical challenges across several business units and functions
  • Implement new technologies in a production environment with product, IT, and data engineering teams
  • Present reports and findings to senior level technical and non-technical audiences

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