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Los Gatos, California Product Data Science and Engineering Senior Data Scientist – Creative Production At Netflix, it takes a village, or at least a large team of specialists, to launch a title on time. Promotional artwork design, trailer editing, subtitle creation, dubbing, tagging, ratings, and quality checks are just a few tasks that need to be completed before a show or a movie can go live on service. The workflows that support these functions can be both creative and technical at the same time. They present complex and deep multi-functional dependencies. And perhaps not surprisingly, they also consume and generate tremendous amounts of data! They are the team that helps curate, organize, and analyze this data. Working closely with their partners, they find opportunities to use machine learning and optimization techniques to improve the Netflix experience for millions of members around the world. They are looking for a versatile data scientist to come join them in their mission of elevating global storytelling with data. Check out the following blog posts to learn more about what they do

  • Data Science and the Art of Producing Entertainment at Netflix,
  • Optimizing Content Quality Control at Netflix with Predictive Modeling

This role is for you if

  • You yearn for an environment where your ability to think creatively is celebrated.
  • You have a deep grasp of applied machine learning fundamentals and solving business problems with data energizes you.
  • You have honed your data science craft in SQL & Python by solving real-world problems with internet-scale data sets.
  • Netflix’s culture resonates with you.

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