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Senior Software Engineer (Backend) – MAP Product & Ad Format team 573 views

Twitter is one of the largest and most popular platforms in the world. Their code operates at a massive scale and speed, serving billions of requests per day, connecting hundreds of millions of active Twitter users to real-time information about their lives and the world they live in.

The Revenue Experience team is responsible for all interfaces between Twitter ad products and advertisers. They build high quality, full-stack products that make it easy for advertisers to create and measure their campaigns and objectives.

Job Description

Mobile App Promotion (MAP) Team

As a team, they are rebuilding their Mobile App Promotion product so that they can achieve performance at scale, deliver the KPIs that advertisers care about such as CPA (cost per first purchase), ROAS (return on ads spend).

To complete their journey towards a relaunched Mobile App Install Product, their team will be focusing on

  • Enabling a stable and predictable platform that consistently delivers a cost per actions inline with advertiser bids
  • Introducing new and improved products that achieve better lower funnel outcomes by optimizing towards advertisers’ primary KPIs
  • Investing in new supply opportunities so that they have the ability to deliver more installs, achieve higher spend through rates, and ultimately justify the effort required by advertisers to invest in our platform
  • Improving MAP serving scale Enhancing the performance on the existing surface such as Timeline, Search, and Profile.

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