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For Netflix, success means pleasing our 150 Million+ members around the world with great content. While data is vital to their success, it’s only as valuable as the problems it can solve. Increasingly, they rely on data science and applied machine learning (ML) to find novel ways to increase member joy.

The business of applying ML effectively and productively is far from sorted out. The Data Science Platform team exists to boost the productivity of the data science community at Netflix. This means that they can spend more time solving their business problems and less time engineering lower-level systems. They need a Senior Software Engineer with a backend or full-stack experience to help make this vision a reality!

Opportunities to make an impact

  • Build services & protocols that enable rapid, interactive exploration of data
  • Build infrastructure to unite large-scale systems for accessing and processing data
  • Envision the next-generation user experiences for storytelling with data
  • Shape the future of how teams at Netflix share knowledge and collaborate with data

About Us

They’re a diverse team with a shared passion for helping humans become more productive. They enable their colleagues in data science, machine learning and analytics to rapidly, collaboratively and confidently explore and interact with Netflix data. They’re known externally as the team behind Metaflow, and as a core, contributors to interact.

Success means that their users have delightful and distraction-free solutions to everyday problems like

  • How can I easily access data and explore it interactively?
  • How can I quickly prototype machine learning models and get them into production?
  • How can I perform an in-depth analysis of an A/B test?
  • How can I explain my work to my colleagues and solicit their feedback?
  • How can I discover, learn from and leverage my colleagues’ work?
  • How can I share insights with stakeholders?
  • Why did my model make a certain prediction?
  • Why did my production job produce unexpected results?

They extensively leverage Notebook technologies like Jupyter that are beloved in the data science community and are now transforming the way people use data in an enterprise. In the frontend, they use a combination of JavaScript technologies such as React framework to support a flexible and composable design. In the backend, they leverage a combination of Scala and Node.js.

About You

You share their passion to help humans become more productive. The services, APIs, infrastructure and/or UIs you build are informed first and foremost through a deep study of what users need. You get satisfaction out of seeing them succeed. You are pragmatic in seeking simple and straightforward solutions. You are context-aware, often finding leverage in what’s already there.

You are probably not familiar with Notebook technologies, and that’s OK! As an experienced software engineer, they expect you’ll be excited to roll up your sleeves, apply your skills and learn a lot as they navigate these challenges together. They’re looking for strengths on the following dimensions, but don’t expect any single person to possess all of these:

  • You’re fluent in a popular language & environment Scala or Java/JVM, JavaScript/Node.js, Python
  • You’ve built and operated rock-solid services. You design with failure in mind. When users are exposed to failure, you make sure they have the best possible UX.
  • You can design human-friendly protocols & APIs.
  • You have a high degree of empathy for users. Maybe you think of yourself as a defacto Product Manager.
  • You’re a big picture thinker. You care how products fit together to satisfy user needs end-to-end. You build for the long term.
  • You work hard to keep things simple.
  • You love prototyping as a means to rapidly get early feedback from early users.

To learn more about the team, see this document. To learn more about Netflix culture, see They are excited to discuss with you how it applies to their team, and how Netflix values permeate their approach to work.


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