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As a Software Engineer on the Security Infrastructure team, your work will be a critical part of accomplishing this mission.

Together, they will build reliable, comprehensible, and observable security into Stripe’s foundations, with the steady support of their leadership team and peers.

You Will

    • Design, build and operate the core security infrastructure used by all of Stripe’s engineering teams
    • Uphold their high engineering standards and bring consistency to the many codebases and processes you will encounter
    • Improve engineering standards, tooling, and processes
    • Design and build solutions that will advance Stripe’s security beyond the state of the art, such as password-less authentication, automated access control systems, cryptographic access tokens, and secure by default libraries
    • Their team is responsible for providing strong authentication and authorization to Stripe data and services. They ensure access is provided following the principle of Least Privilege with a seamless permission UX that fades into the background
    • Make impactful decisions about systems and security — their edge cases, failure modes, and life cycles

They’re Looking For Someone Who Has

  • Empathy, strong communication skills, and deep respect for the power of collaboration
  • A learning mindset, regardless of level or experience
  • The ability to drive clear next steps when encountering ambiguous spaces without clear lines of ownership
  • High standards for code quality and a constructive attitude to help others raise the bar
  • Software engineering experience in a high-stakes production environment
  • A knack for considering how systems can fail and how to fix them
  • An ability to think creatively and holistically about reducing risk in a complex environment

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