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  • BS or MS in Statistics, Cognitive Science, HCI, Psychology, or other quantitative fields
  • 6+ years of professional experience in data analytics or reporting
  • In-depth knowledge of relational databases
  • Experience with applying Statistics / Analytics / Machine Learning (R, Python, etc.)
  • Knowledge of a visualization tool (Tableau, QlikView, D3.js, etc.) is a plus
  • Expert in defining key research questions and identifying the right high-level approach (e.g., quantitative or qualitative) to answer them
  • Able to synthesize quantitative and qualitative findings into actionable insights and communicate them in a compelling, digestible way
  • Able to communicate and show the value of data-informed decision making, product design, and product management to a variety of stakeholders
  • Deep understanding of digital product lifecycle; comfort working with designers, technical & business teams; deep knowledge of an array of research methodologies
  • Solid knowledge of and experience with Agile software development
  • Strong communication skills with the ability to articulate and optimize the design based on the value to the user and the business
  • Strong collaboration skills – you partner well with others to solve problems and actively incorporate input from various sources
  • Able to navigate multiple stakeholder groups and influence others
  • Passionate about creating value through great design and user experience
  • Able to structure ambiguous problems and define tasks needed to bring clarity
  • Excellent verbal and written English language skills

Who You’ll Work With

You’ll join them in Waltham as a core member of the Design & Innovation team within their technology function.

You will be part of a global team that is distributed across Boston/Waltham, New York, New Delhi, and Prague. Their diverse team includes designers, qualitative researchers, front-end architects, analysts, and data scientists.

They develop the tools to power the next generation of management consulting. Here, they do not accept their esteemed organization’s past success, but challenge it, as they apply design thinking, analytics, data science, and digital technologies to create new ways of working that will define the future of how McKinsey delivers professional services.

The Design & Innovation team applies user-centered methods to inform the development and delivery of technology products and services used across the firm. They create experiences that make the work of their colleagues faster, easier and more effective. They incubate new ways of working that will move the firm forward.

What You’ll Do

You will ensure the teams are making decisions based on sound qualitative and quantitative evidence

Their Technology function collects and makes use of a wide variety of data – usage statistics, web analytics, surveys, support tickets, financials, and more – which are spread across different systems at various levels of maturity.

As Product Analytics Specialist, you will tap into them and derive novel insight using a wide variety of quantitative methods, including advanced analytics. As needed, you will draw on the talents of your data scientist and qualitative research colleagues.

You will synthesize your findings into actionable insights and communicate them to teams, stakeholders, and functional leaders in a compelling, digestible way. You’ll pose and answer questions like “Why is this application stickier with junior consultants but not senior ones?” “Should they take on new features from the backlog or fix accumulating technical debt?” Your overarching goal is to enable data-informed decision making at all levels of the organization.

The work you do will inform how your squad or tribe prioritizes and orchestrates their work, refines their mission and scope, and collaborates with other teams across the organization. Efforts in this space will vary in scale from informing adjacent, ongoing improvements to conducting discovery for new products or services. In addition to evaluating product and service value and success, you will apply analysis and reporting to help identify and prioritize opportunities for incremental and transformational innovation.

As a member of the Design & Innovation team, you will contribute to their growing set of best practices, tools, and assets intended to help product and service teams gain better access to and insights from their data. You will work to instill these best practices at the product squad and tribe level.

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