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As a Data Scientist on the Experimentation Team, you will partner with a team of enormously talented engineers, data scientists, and product managers to build the technology that powers experimentation at the Uber scale and unlocks game-changing insights. You will also be directly involved in Uber’s biggest experiments – from innovations in pricing and matching to entirely new products!

The team owns a suite of products so that experimenters always have the right tool for the job. Each experimental methodology presents its own unique and exciting challenges. As a Data Scientist, you’ll spend your time pushing the boundaries of their current methodologies, as well as proposing new techniques to empower decision making all over Uber.

What You’ll Do

  • Design and implement new features that yield more insights for decision-makers.
  • Propose, test, and implement new experimentation methods.
  • Write production Python code to implement new and improved methodologies.
  • Support stakeholders at every step of the experimentation process, from brainstorming on design to analysis.

What You’ll Need

  • Advanced degree in Statistics, Economics, or a similarly quantitative discipline. Deep knowledge of Statistics, Econometrics, and Causal Inference.
  • Software engineering skills like the ability to write readable, modular, unit-tested code using Git to collaborate with both data scientists and engineers. It’s not necessary to be an expert on these topics before, but it is absolutely essential that you are excited to learn and apply these skills.
  • Passion for experimentation and an eagerness to evangelize its value.
  • Entrepreneurial spirit with a thirst for learning and a data-driven mindset.

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