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To give their members a seamless video streaming experience, a symphony of intricate systems works behind the scenes. Netflix encodes content into files that are distributed to their content delivery network, then adaptively streamed by the wide set of devices their members use to watch the content they love. Their data science and analytics team take a holistic approach to measure and improving these components, developing a better understanding of each area (encoding, content delivery, streaming client devices) and the interactions among them. Their end goal is driving the quality of the viewing experience higher and higher across the variety of devices and networks our global members use.

What You’ll Do

They’re looking for accomplished data science and analytics leader for the Streaming Client and Encoding business areas. You’ll lead a team of talented individual contributors with a diverse set of skills across analytics, data engineering and tooling, machine learning and modeling, and experimentation. You’ll partner with engineering teams (200+ employees) to optimize the Netflix streaming product with an eye toward scaling analytics and access to insights, innovating on methodologies, and finding new opportunities to apply high-impact science and analytics to Netflix challenges. Experimentation is a critical part of their DNA, so you’ll contribute to smarter, faster, more friendly ways to design, execute, and analyze A/B tests.

They’re looking for

  • Experience hiring and leading high-caliber, data-focused teams with diverse technical strengths
  • Experience building and fostering an inclusive team culture
  • Experience partnering with engineering or technical product teams to define project roadmaps and integrate analytic output into engineering workflows
  • Demonstrated strength applying statistics and experimentation to business areas
  • Autonomously finding opportunities and executing on science and analytics challenges for maximum business impact

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